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The 101 Cadets are participants in the Ghostbusters 101 program, a fantasy camp structured to simulate the experience of being a Ghostbuster.


After a bust on Coney Island concluded with Psychomagnotheric Slime raining down on the neighborhoods, the Ghostbusters and the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission faced a fine so large from the EPA, they would be bankrupted. During a meeting, Peter Venkman pitched a fantasy camp that simulated the ghostbusting experience with the dual purpose of headhunting and getting back to expansion franchises. [1] Walter Peck was surprisingly intrigued and asked Peter to tell him more. The Ghostbusters 101 program was based out of the Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A large ionized cube was constructed inside the building where cadets could practice capturing a low-level ghost with throttled equipment. If any cadets displayed any potential, they would be given the option of buying into a recruiting program and even have the chance for possible placement as a full-time Ghostbuster in a franchise. [2] A commercial was filmed with the Ghostbusters and support staff. The Firehouse's 1-800-555-2368 phone number was used as a point of contact. The minimum age of applicants was set at 17 years old. Participants in the 101 program were also given access to several perks. Cadets are entitled to 5% off Ray's Occult Books' book-of-the-month club and copies of Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz' updated and condensed version of Tobin's Spirit Guide were made available. [3] [4] Somehow, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz heard of the 101 program before the commercial even aired. Kevin Tanaka was notified by Melanie that the FBI will want to negotiate a dedicated class. [5] By the time a dimensional overlap became apparent, three cadets were able to bust a ghost in the cube without incident. [6] A certificate of completion was awarded to cadets who completed the program. The certificate clarified it didn't entitle its bearer to Proton Pack use.

In order to capture the ghost causing the dimensional overlap, its connection to Ley Lines had to be severed so it couldn't siphon psychokinetic energy anymore. Positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime would neutralize them but the Manhattan network was wide and vast. Around 83 cadets were mobilized on short notice and split into three groups. One group of 28 were briefed by Ray Stantz at the Washington Square Arch, another group of 28 were briefed by Erin Gilbert outside a department store, and a group of 24 were briefed by Patty Tolan outside Central Park. As duly deputized agents of the Ghostbusters, they were given Ecto Goggles and various slime dispensing equipment to douse streets outlined in their maps with a single coat of the slime. Peter arrived in Ecto-1 to pick up Ray. Peter announced to the cadets they were offering them a 10% off coupon for their next 101 experience but it was only good through the end of the year and worth double on Thursdays. Abby Yates soon confirmed the neutralization of the Ley Lines succeeded and ambient psychokinetic energy levels were dropped. She and Jillian Holtzmann headed for Times Square in the Ultimate Mobile Trap and used it to pull the ghost from between dimensions then capture it. All in all, the Ghostbusters 101 fantasy camp raked in a fortune for the Ghostbusters. [7]

Subject MatterEdit

  • Primary classification chart
  • Fully Corporeal Class 4 Manifestation
  • Assorted varieties of Ectoplasm
  • Basic tools of the trade
  • Reference material

Pilot Program CadetsEdit




  • In Ghostbusters 101 #3, Ms. Zeigler is visually based on on Florida-based Ghostbusters fan Ziggy Zeigler.
  • In Ghostbusters 101 #6, on page 2 panel 1, the cadets are visually based on members of the Alberta Ghostbusters fan franchise. [8] [9]
    • The cadet with the Slime Blower is a cadet visually based on Micah Agard.
    • Right of Agard is a cadet visually based on Jordin.
    • Right of Jordin is a cadet visually based on Kristi.
    • Right of Kristi, the cadet with the Slime Charger Pack is visually based on Candace Schneider.
    • Right of Schneider, the cadet with the Slime Sprayer is visually based on Jordan Hayes.
  • On June 28, 2018, Tom Waltz posted Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #38, Ghostbusters 101 Cadets. [10]



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