"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The 1612 Ghosts of Mee-Krah are 1612 entities who attempted to seek asylum with the Ghostbusters before Mee-Krah consumed them.[1]


After Mee-Krah rose again to replenish its energy, 1612 ghosts gathered outside the Firehouse to be captured and stored in the Containment Unit. However, this only directed Mee-Krah to target the ECU itself. While Janine Melnitz ushered the ghosts in an orderly fashion into Traps, Peter Venkman attempted to release several ghosts to lure Mee-Krah out to sea. The ghosts were terrified and hid in Ecto-2, which interfered with the controls. Peter and Slimer re-trapped them and aborted the mission.

With Mee-Krah closing in, space running out in the Containment Unit, and the equipment useless, the Ghostbusters lucked out when Peter's Ghost Attractor released a surge of energy, collected from all 1612 ghosts who were in proximity of the device.[2][3][4] The surge vaporized Mee-Krah and saved the ghosts from consumption.

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