55 Central Park West is an apartment complex used bring Gozer to the physical plane by channeling enough P.K.E. to generate an inter-dimensional cross rip.


The Real Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters ultimately defeated Gozer atop 550 Central Park West and wrecked the upper half of the building as a result.

Extreme Ghostbusters

In 1997, the Sphinx entered the building and invaded a room where three intellectuals were listening to an episode of "Jeopardy." It asked them a riddle and they failed to answer it. The Sphinx drained them of their brain waves and left the building. A pizza delivery boy arrived just in time to see the Sphinx leave. The Extreme Ghostbusters were called to investigate. They looked over the wreckage in the room, took readings, and interviewed the delivery boy.

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  • In storyboards of "Citizen Ghost," deleted from the episode, the Shandor Building is alluded to in script excerpts. When Peter starts his story, one of the frames in his office has a photo of the building after it blew up then shifts to the frame of the Firehouse in ruins. In the episode, itself, it begins with the frame of the Firehouse in ruins.[1][2]


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Boyette, Pat (2009). The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection Volume One Disc Five, "Citizen Ghost" Storyboard p. 24. CPT Holdings, Inc. Line reads: "We see photo of the high-rise building used in GHOSTBUSTERS movie -- in its post-battle, marshmallowed, shattered state -- PAN OVER."
  2. "Citizen Ghost" Storyboard showing Shandor Building mention


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