Ghostbusters: Legion 3 is the third issue in the Legion mini-series by 88MPH Studios


A series of mysterious ghost attacks across the city are running the guys ragged. Leaving Egon to wonder if this is all a coincidence... or something more sinister? And with Dana and Peter's relationship on the rocks, Ray still in his funk, and escaped mental patient Michael Draverhaven on the loose, the Ghostbusters need answers fast. Answers they may find in their own past...


Michael Draverhaven

Ray Stantz

Peter Venkman

Egon Spengler

Janine Melnitz

Winston Zeddemore

Albany Corrections Doctor


Ghost Legion


Vacuum Polarization Rings


P.K.E. Meter


Stay Puft Marshmallows



Albany Psychological Corrections Facility

John F. Kennedy International Airport



There were two total covers

  • Regular cover
  • Variant Painted Cover
    • Ray Stantz


  • On page two, Michael reveals he used to live in Cleveland, Ohio near Hopkins International.
  • On page two, Michael reveals he gave Egon a copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide.
  • On page four, Peter mentions Madonna and Cher Huggins.
  • On page 13, the big patient mistakes Winston for Santa Claus.
  • On page 14, the big patient asks Winston for a Tokamak Fusion Generator.
  • On page 17, Egon eats a Sno Ball snack food instead of a Twinkie.
  • On page 17, "per se" is misspelled
  • The taxi cab Ray uses erroneously has three different numbers on the roof sign, trunk lid and license plate. This is indicative of taxi cabs in New Jersey whereas New York ones have one number.
  • On page 20, one of Michael's 'allies' is revealed to be Slimer
  • Shipping problems got so bad with this issue in particular that some shops didn't get their copies until December 1st.


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