In A Fright at the Opera, attending an opera, Egon and a disinterested Peter are shocked when ghostly Valkyries actually appear and create havoc. The Ghostbusters are soon facing the music... and the Valkyries![2]


Egon Spengler

Peter Venkman

The Diva




Ray Stantz

Winston Zeddemore

Phantom of the Opera


Proton Pack

Particle Thrower


P.K.E. Meter

Electrical Gloves



Metropolitan Opera House



When Egon had invited Peter to the Metropolitan Opera, the "Met," to watch an opera, Peter thought he had meant a Mets baseball game. As they watched "Ride of the Valkyries," real Valkyries appeared and wrought havoc in the opera house. Peter and Egon both ran to save the Diva, but Egon ran into an actor. Having saved her life, Peter had won the Diva's gratitude much to Egon's dismay.

Egon then offered the Met the Ghostbusters' services for free in the name of art appreciation. Leopold accepted. The next morning, the Ghostbusters arrived (after Egon was forced to change from his white tuxedo to his standard uniform). During the case, Winston learns from the janitor the Phantom of the Opera in the basement. Egon assured Winston he was just a character in a movie. The Diva then selected Peter as her bodyguard in an effort to make Leopold jealous. The other Ghostbusters followed the P.K.E. Meter's readings to the roof where they narrowly avoided falling off. The Valkyries descended a pipe to the boiler room but the Ghostbusters couldn't find them. When Leopold, the conductor, held a rehearsal, the Valkyries returned.

The next concert started with the Valkyries still on the loose. Leopold refused to miss the performance and it continued with danger inevitable. He stormed off to the Diva's room and called her bluff. She chose Leopold and Peter was thrown out of her dressing room. Peter boasted about being a national hero and was kidnapped by the Valkyries. The others rushed off to seal the building and prevent the entities from dragging Peter to Valhalla. They were able to capture the Valkyries after they rigged a Trap near an open skylight. The crowd mistook the firefight as part of the opera and cheered greatly for the Diva and Leopold. At the end of their caper, the Ghostbusters saw the Phantom of the Opera leaving the building. He said he was leaving because the Ghostbusters had made so much noise that he couldn't get any rest. The guys let him move on without any interference and are rather dumbfounded.


  • The episode was recorded on July 1 and July 2, 1986.[3]
  • Arsenio Hall, Maurice LaMarche, and Lorenzo Music recorded on July 1, 1986. Frank Welker recorded on July 2, 1986.[4]
  • Two versions of this episode exist. When the Ghostbusters fall from the ladder , one version has series music, while the other has "Driving Me Crazy" (performed by Tahiti - from the soundtrack album). The Tahiti Music Version can be found on the Magic Window home videocassette released in the 1980s. Multimedia samples can be found on Spook Central's Alternate Episodes page.
  • Peter mentions and wears a Mets hat in the opening scene.
  • When the Valkyries are talked about, Valhalla is mentioned. Valhalla is a grand hall where warriors who died in combat are brought to by Valkyries.
  • Egon mentions Arturo Toscanini, a famous Italian conductor, and Giacomo Puccini, a famous Italian composer.[5]
  • Winston mentions King Kong during the rooftop battle.
  • Peter offers to tell the Diva how he saved the world, a likely reference to the first film.[6]
  • Metzenbaum refers to his previous job at Radio City, an entertainment venue located at the Rockefeller Center.[7]
  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1935 film, "A Night At The Opera."
  • Slimer and Janine don't appear in this episode.
  • Valkyries later appeared in "Ghostbusters: The Video Game", the Opera Diva ghosts.

Animation ErrorsEdit

  • When climbing the ladder, the jumpsuit leg above Egon is his jumpsuit but Winston is ahead of him.
  • When the Ghostbusters are shown hanging from a ladder above the street, the one on the left appears to be wearing a brown jumpsuit like Peter, but Egon is the one in that position.
  • Maurice LaMarche voices one of Winston's lines.[8]
  • After Egon mentions the plan to catch the Valkyries, there are briefly two Winston's and no Ray.[9]
  • After Winston opens the one skylight in the final battle, Peter is miscolored as Ray.[10]
  • During the final battle on the catwalk, a second Winston appears in Ray's place
  • Winston is wearing Ray's jumpsuit at the end of the episode.
  • During the majority of the episode the traps are miscolored yellow, and many of the times the warning strips are missing as well.


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