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Abby Yates[1] (also known as Dr. Abigail L. Yates)[2] is a former professor from Kenneth P. Higgins Institute. She along with Erin Gilbert co-wrote Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal. She is one of the four Ghostbusters in the 2016 movie.


Primary Canon

Abby Yates grew up in Rochester, a small town on the outskirts of Detroit.[3] As a child, Abby was curious about everything. Her parents called her "Curious Georgina." During the third grade science fair, some of Abby's classmates heard her mother Dr. Cynthia Yates call her their "little monkey." The next day, six girls cornered Abby on the playground. Kacey Lambertson presented an enormous bunch of bananas to Abby.[4] Instead of running away or fighting, Abby ate all of the bananas and left the girls speechless. She blacked out an hour later during math class and regained consciousness in an intensive care unit hooked up to an IV drip. She suffered hyperkalemia, or potassium poisoning.[5] A few weeks later, Abby decided to investigate if leprechauns were real and searched for the end of a rainbow. After a thunderstorm, Abby played with her imaginary dachshund, Zorp. She spotted a rainbow and headed into the woods but it faded away after ten minutes or so. Abby realized she went farther into the woods than she had before. After an hour, she gave up and admitted to herself she was lost. Abby remembered her father's advice about being lost: sit still and let someone find you. Abby and Zorp stayed under a maple three for three days and two nights surviving off rainwater and imaginary dog food. She mistakenly used poison oak for toilet paper. Her parents found her and left dinner for her to find but it was eaten by something. On the third day, Mr. Yates asked her if she was ever coming home. The next year, they visited the Dry Breakfast Foods Museum in Battle Creek while on a family vacation.

Dr. Cynthia Yates, Abby's mother, discovered hydrazine polycarbonate was an endocrine-disrupting compound that causes early onset puberty. Her bosses at Schorning Chemical advised her to keep her findings quiet. She took it to the FDA and was soon fired from her position of head of chemical engineering. She found a new job in Battle Creek that involved fortifying cereals with essential vitamins and cereals. Abby wasn't interested in moving since she was a month into the first semester of her junior year.[6][7][8] She proposed living with her aunt and uncle. Abby moved to Battle Creek and transferred to Hoover High School. On her first day, Abby was a little insulted no one approached her and realized the bullies were busy picking on existing students, namely someone called "Ghost Girl." Abby noticed they were the only two students who bothered in raise their hands in Chemistry. After a week, Abby went to go sit with her. Erin thought it was the same old joke with someone asking if a ghost was sitting with her. Abby found that joke idiotic since ghosts are composed of ectoplasm which appeared on the visible light spectrum and thus, they would be able to see a ghost if it was around. After a moment of silence, they introduced themselves. Abby inquired if she really did see a ghost then speculated it could have been astral projection or a hallucination but she believed Erin's claim. Erin was happy Abby didn't think she was crazy. Abby hadn't ruled it out yet. Erin asked if her parents were paying her. Erin explained her parents paid two neighbor kids to be her friend for $1 an hour. Abby made a counter-offer of 75 cents an hour. Erin accepted. They became best friends. Abby never planned to collect her fee. They bonded over their ghost stories.[9] They didn't get invited to the other classmates' parties. Abby thought they were terrified of them.[10][11] They did a musical rendition of "The Shining" for the school talent show and torched spectral effigies for the homecoming parade during School Spirit Week.[12] In addition to being unpopular, they were shunned. Undaunted, they formed a high school club dedicated to exploring the world of the supernatural. It was called the Metaphysical Examination Society. Only Abby and Erin were members. They conducted meetings during lunch hour at their table in the cafeteria.[13] During senior year, Mr. Gannon, their AP Physics teacher, broke off the class into groups of four and assigned each group a topic for the science fair. Erin and Abby ignored the assignment and focused on the paranormal. Their partners Robin and Ben bowed out. Erin and Abby continued with their plan to perform a rap, "Nuthin' But a Ghost Thang" even though Gannon told them they made a mockery of science.

They both were accepted to the University of Michigan. They believed their unconventional beliefs would be embraced by forward-thinking professors and enrolled in courses, such as Physics 107---Twentieth Century Concepts of Space, Time, and Matter, Physics 115---Principles of Physics, and Quantum Mechanics I. They asked Professor Rice about the possibility of interdimensional entities crossing over into their world and were laughed out of Quantum Mechanics I. However, due to the heavy course load and part-time jobs at the dorm cafeteria, they had little time to study the paranormal. For sophomore year, they signed up for the most advanced course available for undergraduates: Professor Alderman's Particle Physics & Theoretical Cosmology. On the first day of class, Erin and Abby realized they were the only two to sign up. It was a notoriously tough class taught by an infamously eccentric old man. Alderman implored them to sit closer then asked if either of them had the textbook. Alderman skimmed through Abby's book. He stated theoretical cosmology was evolving too fast to print and half the book was already out of date then casually tossed the text into the trash. A couple weeks later, "The X-Files" premiered on September 10, 1993 and blew Erin and Abby's minds. It had everything they liked: two photogenic agents investigating paranormal phenomena, unexplained flying objects, and cryptids. They liked Special Agent Dana Scully, a smart and successful butt kicking woman with a degree in physics but they gravitated towards Fox Mulder because was like them, consumed with explaining the unexplainable. A couple days later, they discussed the show during cosmology class and caught Alderman's ear. He asked them if they believed in the paranormal. Erin kicked Abby under the desk but she ignored her and stated they had an open mind about unlike some people. Alderman admitted he was the only professor at the University that believed in the paranormal. He explained he had dual degrees, one in physics and one in parapsychology. He even taught the latter at the New York Institute of Technology previously but swore Abby and Erin to secrecy about it or he could be fired.

As the semester pressed on, Erin and Abby often spoke about the paranormal with Alderman. Alderman had theories about how the paranormal intersected with particle physics and even believed it would one day become a unified field of study. He was surprised they kept up with his ideas but quickly caught on they researched the topics on their own. As the December 18 final exam loomed, Alderman announced it was being moved to 10 pm and instructed them to meet him in the campus parking lot with flashlights, plenty of batteries, and clothing appropriate for the winter weather. Alderman revealed they were going on a ghost hunt. They went to a ranch house about a mile off campus. Alderman explained the owner, a single woman, experienced chills, saw shapeless objects in the corner of her eye, and saw blood pour out of her shower head. Alderman handed them audiotape recorders and revealed the plan was to record for four to five hours in the hopes they would record electronic voice phenomena. He excused himself and went to the bathroom. 15 minutes later, Erin went to the kitchen to get something to eat and ran into the homeowner. She forgot it was the night of the stake out. The women went to go look for Alderman and screamed. Erin and Abby ran to the bathroom and found him slumped back on the toilet, dead of a heart attack. Erin and Abby gave their statement to the police at 2 am. The homeowner handed Alderman's duffel bag of paratechnological gadgets to them. They slept till noon the next day then replayed their recorders. At 52:43 on Abby's, they heard a man's voice say "The Truth... is out... there." They weren't sure if it was the ghost of Alderman, another ghost in the house, or a stray radio signal. Erin and Abby quit their part-time jobs to focus on the studying the paranormal. To make up for the loss of money, they took out additional student loans and donated blood. Over the years, they managed to convince some people to let them in their houses to investigate. They racked up thousands of hours but after two and a half years, gathered no confirmation of spectral entities.

Erin and Abby graduated with bachelors of science in physics in May 1996.[14] Erin was accepted into the physics department at Princeton University and Abby planned to stay in Michigan for graduate school. They decided to spend the summer writing a book on the paranormal so pioneering it would render all existing books in the field obsolete. They hunkered down at the University of Michigan's Special Collections Library and went through research papers, journals and rare books.[15][16] After two weeks and a lot of Chinese take out from Tomorrow's Teriyaki, they completed a single-spaced 460 page manuscript for "Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal".[17] Notably, it contained their own theory, the Spectral Field Theory. It postulated the existence of a new gauge field, hereafter known as the spectral ether and it was through the localized excitation of this ether by interdimensional entities in the form of spectral and standard model particles that resulted in the manifestation of ectoplasm.[18] They printed a "truckload" of copies but couldn't sell any. To make matters worse, a promotional appearance on the campus talk show "Wolverine Scene" didn't go well. Erin and Abby's friendship came to an end, too.[19] Abby promised to never sell the rest of the copies.[20]

Abby worked on a dual degree in Astronomy and Physics. She was also captain of the University of Michigan Curling Team.[21][Note 1] She earned her Ph.D. from Yale then became a professor of paranormal studies at the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science.[22][23][24] Abby met Jillian Holtzmann, the associate professor of paranormal studies, and they teamed up to invent new technology based on the principles and theories in Ghosts from Our Past.[25] Over 15 years later, Abby discovered a copy of Ghosts from Our Past was propping up the monitor in her office. She concluded it wasn't bad. She dug up the rest of the initial print run from storage and posted them for sale online.[26][27] However, she did so without Erin's permission. Abby put the proceeds towards buying a new mini fridge for the Paranormal Studies Laboratory.[28] Erin discovered that the book had been re-circulated.

Abby waited an hour for Bennie to deliver her take out order from Zhu's Authentic Hong Kong Food. She drew some orange curtains and was surprised to see Erin as well. Bennie took note of her Antenna-like Helmet and remarked smaller headphones existed. Abby called it an advance in science and he was looking at the future then paid him. She directed him to show Erin the door on his way out. Bennie made a half-hearted attempt then left claiming he tried. Erin brought up the book and how she put it online without her permission. Abby played dumb about needing permission and stated she was one-tenth away from the mini fridge. Erin revealed she was up for tenure but Abby could have cared less. She pointed out the book was their baby and Erin abandoned it very quickly. Erin stated there was no experimental backing for anything in that book and it made her look like a crazy person. Abby couldn't believe she got one wonton and a carrot in her order again. She called Zhu's and complained. Erin met Holtzmann. Abby warned her not to get too close to Erin or she would ask her to write a book, and then squash her dreams. Abby boasted Holtzmann was brilliant and loyal, specialized in experimental particle physics, and was almost hired by CERN then claimed they were close the actualizing their theories like a hollow laser for the reverse tractor beam. Holtzmann suggested letting her listen to the EVP. Erin interrupted Holtzmann and told her she knew what it meant but none were ever substantiated. Annoyed by her cockiness, Abby played along and they told Erin a story about how they spent eight nights at the Chelsea Hotel a few months ago then found something when they reviewed their tapes. Abby started a tape on the Kudelski Nagra III Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. Holtzmann and Abby leaned in to listen. Erin approached and suddenly a recorded fart sound plays. Abby mocked her with a spooky "ooo" noise while Holtzmann laughed. They realized Erin was the first to come right over to the recorder. Abby was concerned when Holtzmann asked if it was more or less disgusting if the noise came from the front. Erin sarcastically asked if they were going to give her a wedgie next. Abby retorted they weren't because she had enough stuck up her butt. Erin had enough. Abby asked her why she came looking for the book if she didn't believe in it. Erin told her about Ed Mulgrave Jr.'s claim that Aldridge Mansion Museum was haunted. Abby and Holtzmann performed an elaborate patty cake then grabbed some equipment. Abby stood at the door and beckoned Erin. Erin misconstrued it as an invitation to join them but Abby needed to lock up the lab. She gave up and told Erin to close the door behind her and it should lock. Erin continued after Abby to take the book down. Abby agreed to consider taking down the book temporarily if Erin would introduce them to Mulgrave.

Garrett called out to Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann from the sidewalk across from the Aldridge Mansion. Erin asked about Ed Mulgrave but Garrett thought she meant Ed Senior and stated he died 15 years ago. Abby was excited. Ed Junior, the one Erin meant, arrived. Abby asked him when the last time the entity was seen and how he ranked it according to the Ghostly Interactions Rating System. Mulgrave answered Garrett saw it on Tuesday and soiled himself. Garrett denied it. Abby asked him if he kept a sample. Garrett sarcastically thanked Erin for the introduction. Abby was ready for the tour but Garrett threw his keys on the ground and told them they were going to die in there. At the start of the investigation, Abby turned on the P.K.E. Meter, checked the settings, and verified it was operating normally. Erin was curious about it and Abby explained its function to her. Erin asked if it really worked. Abby scoffed but admitted she was never in the vicinity of a ghost before to fully realize its capabilities. Abby tried unsuccessfully to open the basement door but got a strange reading. She went over to the library then called Holtzmann over. Erin stepped on Ectoplasm then witnessed the basement door open. She thought she was being pranked again but both denied they opened the door. Erin then thought it was Garrett and Mulgrave but Abby pointed out they were still outside across the street. The P.K.E. Meter suddenly spun furiously. Abby revealed she didn't know it did that. Abby and Erin experienced an AP-xH Shift. Holtzmann directed their attention to the door. They observed a blue glow coming from the basement, Abby took over with the camcorder and recorded. They encountered the ghost of Gertrude Aldridge. Abby was excited and shouted to Gertrude she was gorgeous. Abby couldn't believe they were finally seeing a ghost. Holtzmann assured her they were. Erin decided to communicate with it. Abby cautioned her it could be a malevolent entity. They watched as Erin was ecto-projected on by Gertrude at 2:09 pm. They hurried outside and Holtzmann spotted her first. They watched Gertrude fly away at 2:14 pm. They celebrated. Abby and Erin hugged but the former remembered the latter was slimed. Erin declared ghosts were real.

Abby posted the video on her Ghost News website. The video went viral but Erin was fired from Columbia University shortly afterwards because of it. Erin was irate with Abby and Holtzmann. She returned to the Paranormal Studies Laboratory, threw down her purse angrily, and told them the news then grabbed the nearest thing, a Proton Grenade (Air Filter Prototype). Abby and Holtzmann freaked out and exclaimed they would all die and turn to ash from the inside out. Abby instructed her to put the grenade down slowly. Erin slammed it down on a pile of components. Abby and Holtzmann gasped. Erin couldn't believe she got fired after years of hard work and ass-kissing. Abby tried to spin it into a glass half full scenario since they saw a real ghost. Holtzmann agreed it was beautiful until she dislocated her jaw and ecto-projected all over Erin. Erin added the Ectoplasm went everywhere in every crack. Even Abby found that kind of spectacularly beautiful. Erin remembered she detected and smelled a heavy ionization discharge. Abby declared they weren't going to be quiet about it. She informed Erin they got over 100 comments about the video and invited her to read one. Erin took a look and read it aloud, "Ain't no bitches gonna hunt no ghosts." Abby pointed her to the one below it. The comment was a woman describing a Class 3 haunting in her house. Abby asked who she was going to call for help. The theme song for "Ghost Jumpers" interrupted Abby. The show's announcer revealed the Ghost Jumpers made contact with the ghost of Bigfoot. Abby got annoyed and blamed programs like "Ghost Jumpers" on preventing legitimate scientists from researching the paranormal. She felt like they were on the cusp of a real discovery and told Erin the Institute backed her and Holtzmann 100 percent. Erin became interested. Abby reminded her they were achieving what they dreamed up as teenagers and proposed she join the faculty. All they had to do was go upstairs and request more funding. Abby promised they would pumped if Erin joined.

They met with Dean Thomas Shanks in his office. Shanks had no idea Abby and Holtzmann's department still existed. He refused to let the 12-year reputation of the institute to be besmirched by their discovery. Abby couldn't believe what he said. She knew full well the Institute didn't have an upstanding reputation and pointed out he became the dean because the previous one went to jail. Shanks took that as an insinuation he wasn't qualified. Abby replied he spelled "science" with a "y" and she didn't think he knew that was wrong. Shanks stated it was an institution of higher learning and if they wanted to study ghosts, they had to do it somewhere else. He ended saying he had two words for them. Erin guessed it was "Get out" but Abby predicted it was "suck it." Erin didn't believe her. Shanks told them to suck it. Erin admitted she was right. Shanks pretended to see a ghost then flipped them the middle finger. He pointed to the door and told them bye. He asked if they could hear him. He spun his hands as if it was a volume knob and whistled as he did. Abby was dismayed by the incredibly immature behavior. Shanks mimicked blowing his hand as if it were a balloon, pretended it blows away, stopped, and flipped them the middle finger again.

Holtzmann, Abby, and Erin gathered everything they could and wheeled it outside the Institute. In reality, Erin unwittingly helped them steal equipment. Abby stressed it was just a minor setback. Erin was undaunted and believed they could become the first scientists to prove the existence of the paranormal and all they have to do was find an entity and capture it and bring it into a controlled environment. Abby welcomed the "old" Erin back into the fold. Holtzmann was pleased. Abby warned they should leave quickly since they wanted it back. Erin thought it was all theirs. Holtzmann admitted it was all stolen school property. Shanks appeared at the front door with a bat and demanded it back. Abby ordered everyone to scatter. Erin gritted her teeth. They ran for it. Shanks started to run down steps after them. They started their own paranormal research group, the Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination. Abby, Holtzmann, and Erin started looking for a new place of operations. A Rental Agent claimed she found a fantastic spot for their business and introduced them to a firehouse in Tribecca at 14 North Moore Street. Abby and Holtzmann loved it, especially the height and the space. Abby and Holtzmann hugged one of the beams. Abby joked the fire pole was a stripper pole. Erin learned the rent was $21,000 a month and told the agent they were looking for a place "to explore the unknown." They settled for a place above Abby's favorite restaurant, Zhu's Authentic Hong Kong Food.

Kevin Beckman saw a newspaper ad for a receptionist position and called to schedule an interview. Abby answered. While they unpacked, Abby made a takeout order with Zhu's. It took Bennie an hour to deliver it. Abby was not pleased. Bennie claimed he had really bad knees. She took out the container and asked him what it was. Bennie replied it was Zhu's hot and sour shrimp soup. Abby countered it looked like dishwater and one shrimp, and what she hoped was a water chestnut. Abby noticed Holtzmann was playing "Rhythm of the Night" and couldn't resist using DeBarge as a pun. Holtzmann thought she was playing a Devo song and turned it off. Abby announced she got the website up[29] and passed out a bunch of fliers all over town. Erin looked at one and read the slogan aloud, "If you see something, say something." Abby found it catchy. Erin agreed but pointed out it was the anti-terrorism slogan. Abby realized she was right and figured out why so many people were calling about suspicious-looking bags. Erin complimented the use of green paper. Abby thanked her as she walked away. Abby was unaware of Kevin and noticed Erin was all sweaty then pitched her idea for part of the new slogan, "If there's something strange in the..." but Erin pinched her. She finally noticed Kevin. Abby was at a loss and steered the conversation to the interview. She invited Erin to join.

Before Abby could read from her notes, Erin butted in and asked him if he was seeing anyone. Kevin didn't understand the question. Erin lied it was being asked for business purposes. Kevin noted he was currently seeing the three of them in front of him. Abby asked him to forget the question because it was illegal to ask a prospective employee. Kevin told her it was forgotten because he literally forgot what the question was. Kevin scratched his eyes through his eyeglass frames and replied he had lots of different jobs like acting. Abby interjected and asked why his eyeglasses had no glass. Kevin told them they kept getting dirty, so he took them out so he didn't have to clean them anymore. Abby was speechless. Kevin asked it was okay to bring Mike Hat to work sometimes because he had major anxiety problems. Abby revealed she had pretty severe cat allergy. Kevin corrected her and said he was a dog. Abby asked if the dog's name was My Cat. Kevin said it was Mike Hat. Erin realized his first name was "Mike" and his last name was "Hat." Kevin added his full name was Michael Hat. Abby admitted she wasn't allergic to dogs. Kevin replied it was all right because Mike lived with his mother. Abby decided to jump ahead and announced Kevin dabbled in web design so he asked him prior to make some logo designs for the business and directed him to pull it out. Erin thought of something else. Abby realized she was a lawsuit waiting to happen. The first design was a female ghost with large breasts and the second was the 7-Eleven logo. Kevin went to his favorite one. It was a hot dog floating above a house. Erin thought it was a mistake. Kevin explained the floating hot dog implied that a ghost was holding it. Abby gasped in realization and admitted his work was more cerebral than she expected. Holtzmann asked why a hot dog. Kevin revealed he just like hot dogs because they were both food groups, all in one. Dogs and buns.

Erin admitted she liked the idea of having him around to look at but didn't see him as receptionist material. Abby didn't find him attractive and felt sorry for him. Kevin rocked a table then repeatedly poked at an aquarium. Abby pointed out they needed someone to carry the equipment up the stairs and eventually they needed someone to answer the phone. Kevin remarked an aquarium was a submarine for fish. Erin wanted to talk to the others interested in the job to see who was more qualified. Abby revealed he was the only applicant. Kevin struck a gong then recoiled at the sound it made. He reached his fingers through his glasses to cover his eyes. Abby told him he was hired. Kevin went to go get his suitcases and stubbed a foot. Abby noticed Patty Tolan sitting outside looking at a magazine and informed her she should wait downstairs for takeout. Patty chuckled and admitted she thought the hallway was their waiting room. She recalled the building was built in the same place as the first Chinese gambling den in New York. She abruptly revealed she was chased by a ghost. Abby was caught off guard. Patty led them through the Seward Street Subway Station and talked about how its history was tied to New York's first prison to execute criminals by the electric chair. The lights flickered off and on. Patty asked them if they saw that. Erin and Abby confirmed they saw it. Patty realized the Graffiti Artist was back and tagging a wall despite her past warning. Abby asked if he was down in the station all the time. Patty quipped he thought it was his art studio. He clarified his studio was in SoHo and the station was more a gallery to him. Abby interjected and asked him if he ever saw a Class 4, semi-anchored entity anywhere in the vicinity. He asked if she was talking about a boat. Annoyed, Patty asked her to speak English. Abby insisted she was being specifically clear. Erin rephrased the question and asked him if he saw a ghost. Abby admitted that was clearer. He confirmed he saw a ghost to Patty's amazement. Abby got out a small notebook to take down his visual description of the ghost. Patty insisted she couldn't let him continue or she would get fired. Abby wanted the visual. Erin added it was very helpful. Patty retorted he wasn't helpful for her.

Abby took readings with the P.K.E. Meter. Patty informed them they had a limited window for when the next train arrived and warned them against touching the third rail unless they could handle 750 volts. Abby realized one don't usually think about the amount of urine smell. Patty confirmed that was pretty much how it was gonna be and it wasn't going to freshen up at all. Abby found scorch marks left by the Hyper-Ionization Device. Patty confirmed that was where she saw the "weird sparking thing." Erin picked up a piece of the device and observed fission scorch. Abby didn't believe her then realized she was right. She guessed she smelled both electrical discharge and isotopic decay. Abby agreed. They smelled it again and both nodded. Abby called Holtzmann over for her opinion. She sniffed it. Patty reminded them they only had a couple of minutes left. Electricity cackled and the P.K.E. Meter spun rapidly. Holtzmann saw something. Erin thought she was messing with them. Holtzmann denied it. Erin and Abby saw it. The Electrocuted Ghost was back. Abby asked Patty for some illumination on the ghost. She complied. It looked scarier. Holtzmann walked back to the Proton Box to get it started. Abby noticed it was even more ionized than Gertrude Aldridge and turned on her Sony 4K Camcorder to get the ghost on film. She declared they were talking the ghost back to the lab.

Holtzmann cautioned the technology was in its early stages then armed Erin. Eventually, she blasted the ghost but the proton stream lacked enough power to keep it from advancing. Patty alerted them the train was coming and it was time to leave. Abby asked Erin to lure it back on the platform. The Proton Box fell on its side. They pulled Erin to the platform. The train closed in. Patty realized that was the express train, which meant it wasn't stopping at the station. Holtzmann quickly removed the collar. The train rammed the box and the ghost. They were drenched in Ectoplasm. The ghost left the station in the train. Abby was pleased the power surge really held him. Abby tried wiping some of the Ectoplasm off Erin's face. She rubbed her hands then held her hands apart. Erin remarked she almost got killed. Holtzmann thought it was so awesome. Abby agreed. Abby uploaded the 17 second video of the Electrocuted Ghost under her "ParanormalAbby" account as "Ionized Class 4 Apparition in subway." Erin pointed out everyone thought the video was fake and repeated they had to bring a ghost back to the lab and document it to prove it. Abby assured they would and advised her against reading things crazy people wrote in the middle of the night online. Abby stopped and noticed a "bogus equipment" comment. She typed, "I'd love you to meet me any place, any time." Erin tried to stop Abby.

Kevin brought Abby her coffee. Abby thanked him then asked if he put sugar in. Kevin drank then spat it out then gagged. He remarked he hate coffee but confirmed the sugar was in there then walked away. Erin took the mug and explained it wasn't right to waste a cup of coffee. Abby requested they pretended that didn't just happen. Erin inquired about the pieces of the Hyper-Ionization Device. Abby took the mug away then addressed the device. She wasn't sure because it was only bits and pieces. Erin brought up the fact that the pieces looked like it was part of a miniature cyclotron. Holtzmann added whoever built it used a chromium alloy for the hull. She scoffed and admitted she would have used aluminum. Erin asked what Patty said Rowan told her in the subway. Abby knew what she meant but couldn't remember. From a booth, Patty told them it was "Fourth Cataclysm." Kevin pointed at Patty from his desk and informed them after the fact they had visitor in booth number one. Abby sarcastically thanked him. He was oblivious. The phone rang. Patty announced she was joining the club. Erin tried to correct her but she stopped and asked Kevin to answer the phone. Kevin informed her he couldn't because it was in the fish tank. Erin meant the one on the desk that was ringing. Kevin noticed it. Abby was beside herself. Kevin asked what they were called. Erin replied they were the Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination. Kevin answered the phone and told the caller they were the Conductors of Metamucils and Stuff. Kevin listened and abruptly hung up on the caller. He informed them he was just not into that conversation. Abby told him they needed him to try a little harder. Kevin promised if they called, he would but he had to leave because he was participating in a hide-and-seek tournament and his team was in the semi-finals. He twirled his hat on. Abby reminded him to pick up all his suitcases. Kevin turned and tripped on his way out.

Patty pitched her knowledge of New York and its history as an asset to their group. She added she could borrow a car from her uncle so they wouldn't have lug all their heavy equipment around. Holtzmann loved the idea of getting a car. Abby told her she was in. Some time later after being accepted to the team, Patty returned in a black 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse and honked the horn. Abby protested she didn't disclose that the vehicle was going to be a hearse. Patty stated her uncle owned a funeral home, not a Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Erin joked she hoped Patty checked to see there wasn't a body in the back. Patty admitted she didn't know. Abby was surprised she didn't check. Patty insisted she was in a hurry and only checked to see if the car had gas. Abby asked if there was a body. Patty retorted Holtzmann should check. Holtzmann thought of seven good uses of a cadaver right off the bat. Patty stated they had to turn in the body if there was one in there. Holtzmann made a face. Patty told her not to do that. Holtzmann presented the Mark I Proton Pack. Abby revealed they just had to add the reversible psychokinetic energy sink and Holtzmann's hollow beam to a canister and they would have something to hold a ghost. Abby held it up. Abby and Holtzmann performed a complicated patty cake then went outside to test the pack.

They went outside into the alley between Zhu's and its neighbor building to test the Proton Pack. Abby put on some gear along with the pack. Patty asked Abby if she was comfortable wearing it. Abby admitted it was a lot heavier than she expected and she was pretty sure it was compacting her spinal column. Holtzmann instructed her to plant her feet firm and bend her knees to compensate for the extra kickback. Abby turned the pack on and liked the "purr." Holtzmann directed her to the practice target. It was a generic ghost cutout with a bulls eye drawn on its chest. She told Abby to put her thumb on the red trigger button. Abby fired and blew up the target but the kickback took her across the ground then up into mid-air. Erin and Patty were alarmed. Patty surmised she wasn't bending her knees enough. Holtzmann called her impression of a deflating balloon marvelous. She revealed all they could do was let Abby ride it out until the pack was out of power. Abby exclaimed it was corkscrewing her. Holtzmann promised to make adjustments. Abby compared it to fighting an alligator.

They settled back inside and ate Papa John's delivery pizza. Patty asked Erin and Abby how they met. Erin answered that Abby transferred to her high school during their junior year. Abby remembered the high school mascot was the Karate Cats. She recalled they started telling ghost stories, and they bonded right away but thought what all the other kids were doing like getting drunk and going to parties was stupid. Erin added they weren't invited to any parties. Abby believed they were terrified of them. Abby remembered something else and walked off to go get it. Patty then asked how they got into ghosts then if one of them saw one before. Erin told them about Gretta. Patty and Holtzmann were surprised. Abby was the only person who believed her. Patty stated kids were mean and told Erin she believed her. Erin thanked her. Holtzmann had some questions. Patty reacted, "Seriously?" Holtzmann winked and smiled. Erin laughed. Abby returned with a photo. She found it in a box when they were moving. It was photo of teenage Erin and Abby with a science fair presentation. Erin was aghast. Patty was amused. Erin wished they still had the presentation and bragged it was pretty great. Patty kinda wished she could've seen it. Abby hinted she might just get her wish. She ran off exclaiming. Erin realized she had it. Patty regretted speaking out.

Abby and Erin, now dressed in all black turtle necks, reenacted their high school presentation and sang a song about the existence of ghosts. Holtzmann thanked Patty for requesting it. Patty was at a loss. Abby sang about a barrier that stopped served as the last line of defense between the worlds of the living and the dead. Erin and Abby chanted, "Protect the barrier!" or mankind would end. Erin and Abby thought the song was still good. Holtzmann walked towards them doing a slow clap. She declared she so goddamn happy there were friends again then embraced them. Patty admitted she was hating it up until the finale, but the finale was what got her. Holtzmann noticed they were on TV. NY1 dubbed them the "Ghostbusters" and did a piece on the video about the Electrocuted Ghost. Patty was shocked and declared they were famous. Pat Kiernan played a recorded clip with Martin Heiss from the Council for Logic and Data and a famous debunker. Kiernan asked him if the video was real. Heiss told him it wasn't and laughed.

Patty declared they were all ghost girls now. Erin refused to wilt and declared they were scientists. Plus Patty. Patty thanked her for the inclusion. Erin stated they believed in provable, physical results. The phone started ringing. Abby agreed. Patty replied "Preach." Erin confirmed that was what she was going to do. She told them they were going to catch a ghost. The phone continued ringing. Abby was upset. Erin turned and looked at Kevin then turned back. Erin repeated herself. The phone kept ringing. Erin asked Kevin to answer the phone. Kevin snapped his finger and answered the phone. Kevin listened, told the caller goodbye, hung up, then held up two glamor shots. He asked them which one made him look more like a doctor, one of him playing a saxophone or the one of him listening to the saxophone. Abby and Erin, at the same time, asked who called. Kevin guessed it was the Stonebrook Theatre and there was a goat on the loose. They paused in thought then ran off.

Abby carried the duffel bag out. Patty announced she modified four flight suits from work so they wouldn't get slimed again. Abby and Erin were pleased. Phil Hudson called out to Erin across from Zhu's on the island in the middle of the street. He gestured her to him. Erin told them it would take a second and crossed the street. Patty asked if that was her boyfriend. Abby didn't think so. Patty remarked he was sexy and imagined he danced real sexy and demonstrated. Abby didn't think his hips moved at all because he was mechanical from the rib cage down. Patty disagreed. Abby demonstrated. Patty contended he got loose and did pop locks. Abby thought it was rigid with a lot of teeth and he thought he was doing you a favor. Patty countered he ripped his V-neck sweater off and got busy. Abby joked, there was another V-neck underneath the first one. They laughed. Holtzmann pulled up in Ecto-1. Abby exclaimed. Patty was shocked at what she did to the hearse. Holtzmann claimed she fixed it. Patty found it inappropriate for a hearse. Erin told Phil off then Holtzmann and Patty called out to Erin. Abby told Phil not to follow. Holtzmann messed with Erin and drove a few inches forward a few times then they departed for Stonebrook.

Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates both said "Let's go" at the same time by accident. Abby apologized. Erin proposed next time she would say it. They crossed the street and walked through the theatre. They met Jonathan the Theater Manager and he asked if they were the Ghostbusters. Erin was about to correct him but Abby went with it. Jonathan led them downstairs and told them about his encounter with Mayhem. Abby told everyone to split up and get on the walkie if they saw anything. Abby took readings with the P.K.E. Meter. It started spinning rapidly. A flash emanated from the Wardrobe Room. She opened the door and found the Hyper-Ionization Device on a table. She got her walkie and informed everyone of her discovery. Patty arrived last. A possessed mannequin kicked a hole in the door near Patty's crotch. Patty screamed then ran over to the others. It kicked its way in through the door. Abby realized the ghost performed a full paranormal transferal embodiment and her and Erin's theories on spectral possession were true. Erin wanted that ghost. They opened fire on the mannequin. Mayhem emerged as they blasted the mannequin. They chased it down the hall and fired at it. Mayhem got away and flew up through the ceiling.

Erin realized the Hyper-Ionization Device was making the ghosts stronger and pointed out Mayhem was super ionized. Abby added it was "super not-benign." The Ghostbusters ran onto the stage after it shoved the lead singer into the speakers. They opened fire starting with Patty then Erin then Holtzmann and lastly, Abby. Mayhem dodged the streams. Abby told Patty to take one aisle and she would take the far one. Patty and Abby ordered the people to clear the aisle but no one listened. Abby jumped off and had the mosh pit carry her off. She ordered them to move her left then to watch the rings. Patty wasn't so lucky and landed on her pack on the floor. Abby ordered them to the people to put her down then thanked them. Mayhem perched on Patty's shoulders. Abby instructed Patty to stay still. Patty proposed she was just going to go ahead and take off. A the selfie was taken at her expense. Abby signaled the others to shoot Mayhem. Erin told Patty to stay still. Abby asked everyone not to hit Patty anywhere important. Patty exclaimed. Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann shot Mayhem. It screeched and hopped off Patty's shoulders. Patty fired at it, too. Abby told Holtzmann to open the Trap. It pulled in Mayhem. The crowd cheered. A NY1 reporter outside Stonebrook asked Abby follow-up questions of where the ghosts were coming from and if there were more inside. Abby was confident they took the only one out. She informed the reporter they were scientists and were in pursuit of the unanswerable questions and, really, to pursue truth. Erin declared they were the Ghostbusters.

Back at headquarters, the Ghostbusters celebrated to DMX's "Party Up (Up in Here)" single. Abby noticed Kevin was dancing too closely to Patty. Patty flatly told him no then eventually walked away. Erin and Kevin were back to back. Erin turned and placed her hands on his hips like a train. Patty laughed. Kevin walked back to his desk. Erin continued dancing and strolled to the others. Abby and Patty laughed. Erin was still on cloud nine about their successful capture. She picked up the Trap then kissed it. Abby turned off the boom box and took the Trap away. She told Erin to stop kissing it. Erin stated it made her feel so warm and tingly inside. Abby quipped that was probably the radiation. Patty and Abby laughed. Holtzmann got their attention and showed off the Mark II Proton Pack. Kevin interrupted and informed them there was a "Smartin Christ" to see them. Erin was confused and realized he meant Martin Heiss. Abby was not happy. Kevin pointed to Heiss, who was standing in the doorway. Abby directed him to tell Heiss they weren't there. Erin was confused. Abby stated she didn't want to talk to him. Kevin told Heiss they weren't present. Heiss entered the lab area. Erin greeted him. Heiss asked if it was a good time or if was the dinner rush. Abby told him to make an appointment. Erin countered it was a perfect time since they were doing some experiments.

Heiss sat down on a chair. He wanted start light and easy then asked them why they were pretending to catch ghosts. Before Erin could answer, Abby picked out how easy it was to just be a naysayer and not do anything. She contended humankind only comprehended about four percent of the universe and repeated the fact. Erin stopped Abby and reiterated they were adherents of the scientific method and she, in particular, dedicated her life to it. She picked up Trap and told him about the capture. Heiss pointed his cane at the Trap and wanted to clarify the ghost was indeed inside the "thermos." He poked it but Abby pushed the cane away, telling him not to touch it. Heiss remarked he would really love to see it. Abby shot that down and stated they were still assessing what type of containment method to use in the lab. Abby tried to take the Trap, Erin resisted, but Abby yanked it away. Heiss was amused at his timing, they caught a ghost but he couldn't see it. Erin admitted it sounded like they were making it up, it sounded crazy, and they probably don't really look like legitimate scientists. Heiss contended they only lacked the proper equipment, like a garbage truck to hang on to the back of. Erin's smile turned to a frown and glare. Abby pointed out that came out of a man with a walking stick and floppy hat.

Erin was still intent on showing him the ghost. She grabbed the Trap and set it down on the floor. Abby told her not to do it. Erin released the pedal. Abby pulled her back and questioned her. Erin insisted it was because he didn't believe them. Heiss got out his camcorder and recorded. Abby tried to talk Erin out of it, citing they finally succeeded at doing the thing they talked about since they were little kids and it wasn't worth it trying to impress him. Heiss thought they were something. Erin apologized to Abby. Abby told her it was okay. As soon as Abby turned away, Erin stomped the pedal and the Trap opened. Heiss cheered her on. Erin and Abby cringed. Erin quickly apologized. Heiss mockingly referred to Mayhem as Casper. Suddenly, Mayhem manifested, flied out of the Trap, carried Heiss through the window and dropped him onto the street. Officer Stevenson grilled the Ghostbusters outside of Zhu's. He asked who threw Heiss out the window. Holtzmann replied a ghost threw him out the window. Stevenson sarcastically asked if she meant like Patrick Swayze and asked if he was sitting behind her, making some pottery. Abby sarcastically confirmed it was like Swayze. She added they were all dancing at a summer camp in the Catskills, then they sat down, and he was behind her, and they made a vase. Erin realized she combined Swayze movies. She remembered "Road House" was a good one. Abby confessed she loved "Road House." Erin remembered "Point Break." Abby reminisced. Erin cited the ending with the big wave. Abby recalled he was a ghost in that movie, too. Erin contended that was ambiguous. Patty stated Swayze didn't die at the end. Agent Hawkins and Agent Rorke flashed their Department of Homeland Security badges and informed the Ghostbusters the mayor wanted a word with them.

The Ghostbusters filed into the Mayor's Office. Mayor Bradley welcomed them in, apologized for the drama, and asked them to take a seat. Holtzmann flopped onto the chair on the end near the agents, slouched, and put her feet up feet. Bradley scolded her. Abby tugged at Holtzmann's boots. Erin started with saying they didn't have a lot of time and they were not frauds. Bradley interrupted and stated they knew they were not frauds because they were monitoring the situation quite closely. Bradley asked the Ghostbusters what they knew. Erin revealed that they believed that someone was creating a device that attracted and amplified paranormal activity. Abby added that activity was escalating now and leading to an even larger scale event. Bradley joked that sounded terrible. Holtzmann gestured an explosion. Bradley complemented them on the great work but told them it was time to knock it off. Abby was confused. Bradley repeated himself. Abby clarified she heard him and saw the hand gesture. Bradley elaborated and asked them to let the government do their work. Lynch added they were worried that they were drawing a lot of attention to themselves. Bradley agreed.

Bradley explained what the essence of the deal was going to be: they planned to make the public believe the Ghostbusters were frauds. Erin and Abby were surprised. Lynch explained the human brain could only handle so much and if everybody knew what was going on, there would be a panic. Abby understood and nodded. Lynch elaborated that they would release disinformation to make the Stonebrook case look like a hoax rather than risk mass hysteria. Abby agreed they didn't want mass hysteria either but their main concern was that they were allowed to continue their work. Erin agreed but felt like the cat was sort of already kind of out of the bag. Abby interpreted their words as they wanted to put the cat back inside the bag. Erin agreed but repeated she felt like the cat was already out. Abby knew that. Erin brought up how hard it would be to put the cat back in. Abby wasn't convinced it was impossible to do. Erin pointed out that was why that saying existed. Abby thought it was a nonsense saying. Erin elaborated they couldn't put the cat back is if it was out. Abby insisted she put a cat in a bag all the time. Erin rephrased herself. Lynch interjected and stated they just wanted to shove that damn cat back in the bag. Rorke intimated that the cat had been out of the bag before but people lost interest and put it back in. Lynch added people always moved on. Rorke told them about a sheriff in New Mexico who reported a UFO encounter, the crew of the SS Ourang Medan who died mysteriously, and the entire town of Langville, Montana who went missing. Holtzmann feigned shock. Abby explained they were talking about relocating and not about anyone being killed. Bradley stated they were turned inside out. Erin asked if their skin was on the inside of their body. Bradley confirmed that was true because their organs were on the outside. Abby asked if they were okay. Bradley curtly answered "sure." Holtzmann thought they were dead. Bradley thanked them for coming.

Agents Hawkins and Rorke dropped the Ghostbusters off outside Zhu's. Hawkins flashed a business card and instructed them to call the phone number if they gathered any more information. Abby took the card and looked at it. It was for a florist shop named "Upper West Blooms." Rorke declared they were taking it from here and the US government doesn't need the help of hobbyists. He told them to go back upstairs to their little dim sum tea party and leave it to them because they were the big dogs. Rorke abruptly ran to the front passenger side door of the lead SUV. He gestured 'I'm watching you' and opened the door and partially sat on agent already seated inside. Rorke apologized to him. Abby called them meatheads. Rorke walked to the rear SUV. He tried to open the front passenger door. It was locked. He tapped on the window and asked Hawkins twice to unlock it. Hawkins told him to wait. Rorke got in. He lowered the window down and gestured 'I'm watching you' again as the SUVs departed. Abby waved. Erin told him to roll his window up. Rorke repeated he was watching them. Holtzmann asked the others if they thought they had genitals in there or was it more of a Ken doll situation. Rorke repeated he was watching. Abby went with Ken doll situation.

The Ghostbusters walked down the alley between Zhu's and its neighbor building. Abby explained the mayor said they could continue our work, and so they shall. Holtzmann stated they had to be prepared and presented new sidearms on a wooden table: three Proton Grenade (Air Filter)s, a Proton Grenade Launcher, a Ghost Chipper, a Proton Glove and a Proton Blaster. Patty tried the Chipper and targeted a trash can. The shredded trash exited the rear of the Chipper and went all over Erin and Abby. Abby reached into her suit for the trash and equated it to Mardi Gras. Abby went last and put on the Proton Glove. Holtzmann explained the Proton Glove maximized flexibility during hand-to-specter combat. She instructed Abby to give it a punch because it was motion-activated. Abby gave it a try. The burst from the Proton Glove zig-zagged between the alley. It bounced off a blue dumpster towards them. They ducked. It took out a motor bike. It is launched straight up in the air then crashed into the ground. Abby declared that was awesome. Erin tried to high five Abby. Abby pulled away and told her that would have been a deadly high five. Holtzmann declared that was a successful test. Bennie stepped outside and saw the wreckage. He looked at them in dismay.

Lynch held a press briefing and labeled the Ghostbusters as frauds. Kevin tried to clean up spilled Hydrochloric Acid with baking soda but he revealed he could not see. Holtzmann informed him that was the effects of the acid fumes. Abby told him to go in the back to the eyewash station. Kevin asked where that was. Abby told him to go back by the bathroom then go left until he hit something. They soon heard a thump then Kevin groaned. Abby took a moment to remind everybody that in a very short amount of time, they encountered multiple Class 4 malevolent apparitions so they shouldn't care what anybody else said about them. She remembered the latest reports and walked to the laptop on the other side of the table. She read them off, a wailing spirit sighted at 6th and 26th, a spectral polar bear on 63rd and 5th, and a weeping wall in the thrift store at Chelsea. Something about the locations clicked with Erin. She asked Abby if she said 6th and 26th. Abby confirmed. Erin laid a map down on the table and uncapped a pen. She marked all the locations then connected them with straight lines and formed a big "X" in Midtown.

Erin asked rhetorically what they looked like. She and Abby both mentioned Ley Lines. Patty asked what it was. Abby explained it was a hidden network of energy lines that ran across the Earth like a current of supernatural energy. Erin continued that supposedly, by connecting sacred sites and weird events all over the world with the lines, the point of intersection was an unusually powerful spot. She admitted she and Abby previously dismissed the Ley line theory because it just seemed too random to have any merit. Holtzmann smoothed down a page and placed the map half on the book then slid it forward. She implored them to dismiss it then patted the book. The two maps, the one Erin marked and the one in the book were identical. Abby admitted that it looked like it had some merit. Erin realized Rowan was using the devices to charge the Ley lines and create a vortex. Abby pointed out if he got one of his machines in intersection and it was big enough, he would be able to rip a hole right through the barrier. Abby walked away to report their discovery to Agent Hawkins and Rorke. Erin learned The Mercado Hotel was at the intersection between 7th and 8th. Abby got an answer and asked for Hawkins and Rorke. Patty explained the bizarre history of the Mercado then recognized Rowan in the employee photo on the hotel's website. Abby rallied everyone to gear up for the Mercado.

Abby asked Vanessa The Desk Clerk where the janitor was. The desk clerk knew who they were talking about and was about to ask what he did but rescinded her question and told them to take the stairs down and get him out. The Ghostbusters went down to the boiler room. They saw the Barrier Compromising Master Machine in the center of the room and Ghost Portal Mirrors with ghosts growling at them. Abby spotted Rowan in a corner and ordered him to stop and shut it down. Rowan, from a crouching position, turned to them and stood. He walked out a little towards them with his hands behind his back. Abby thought it was great he found himself a little hobby and on paper, flooding New York City with ghosts seemed like a great idea, but they liked the world the way it was. Rowan assumed they must have been afforded the basic dignity and respect of a human being, which he had been denied. Abby didn't think so and noted people dumped on them pretty much all the time. Rowan stated he was a genius who could see things that no one else did and his reward for it was scorn and mockery. He was comforted by the fact that he was not the only one seeking revenge. He revealed he was going to bring an army of vengeful ghosts to cleanse the planet after he took down the barrier.

Abby yelled at him to stop. She tried to show she understood people could be terrible but tried to appeal to him listing the terrific things in the world but she could only think of soup. She asked Patty. Patty shot back there was salad. Rowan turned back to the master machine. Abby yelled at him to stop and informed him the police were already on their way and he was going to jail. Rowan told them goodbye then grabbed hold of two pylons and electrocuted himself to death then his body dropped to the floor face first. Abby asked Holtzmann to shut the machine down. Holtzmann jogged over to where they found Rowan. Abby and Erin pressed her to hurry. The electricity powered down. The ghosts vanished from the mirrors. Erin asked if they were good. Holtzmann believed so, except for Rowan. Erin was relieved it was over. Abby yelled out into the corridor for the police. Erin asked Abby what was bothering her. Abby had a feeling his technology was not that different from their technology and used the same science. Erin agreed it was strange. Holtzmann walked over to them and presented a copy of Ghosts from Our Past. They were mortified. Abby was oddly pleased she was right about how there would be people out there that loved their work. Back up in the lobby, Jennifer Lynch suggested they get some rest then revealed Agent Hawkins and Rorke. Abby thanked her. Hawkins and Rorke thanked the Ghostbusters, too. Lynch revealed they were going to stage a fake arrest but Ecto-1 was towed for real. She walked over to the crowd of reporters before they could process what she said. Hawkins grabbed Erin's arm. Rorke grabbed Abby's arm. They placed their arms behind their backs and walked them to the door. Hawkins told Abby to stop resisting. She insisted she wasn't. Lynch assured the reporters everything was fine and it was all just another publicity stunt by the Ghostbusters.

The Ghostbusters walked down the sidewalk away from E 45th Street. Abby declared it was mission accomplished and proposed getting some drinks to celebrate. Patty held out her right arm to Holtzmann for a high five. Abby asked Erin what she thought. Holtzmann grabbed Patty's arm and kissed her hand instead. Patty pulled away. Blogger Chris Gethard, with his phone recording, caught up to them and wanted to ask a couple quick questions for his blog. He asked how it felt wasting tax payer money and government resources with their pranks. Abby asked him to go back to his mother's basement where he lived then pushed the phone down. He sarcastically replied he planned to. He told Erin he went to her hometown and found out she made up a ghost when she was a child then ended asking her if she was born a fraud and called her ghost girl. Erin turned and collared him, then exclaimed not to call her that. Abby insisted he was too pasty to fight. Patty pointed out she was making them look bad. Abby implored her to let go. He retorted she should go back to therapy and called her a freak. Erin punched him square in his face. He instantly dropped to the pavement.

The late edition of the New York Post picked up on the incident then Holtzmann noticed Erin was on TV, too. Fox 5 News played recorded interviews with Dean Harold Filmore. Filmore found it was unfortunate that Columbia University had these former ties with her but stated they were about real science, discovering truth, and not lying for a sad moment of fame. Abby snatched the remote control away from Erin and assured her they didn't know what they were talking about. The second anchor revealed Fox 5 also spoke with the Dean of the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute. Abby's tone changed. Dean Shanks clarified Erin's association with the institute, albeit distant, was a blight but he shifted the conversation to an album of his that was releasing in two weeks. He revealed the name of the album was "I'mma Be Me" and he offered to play the title track. He grabbed his guitar. Abby clicked the TV off in disgust. Patty advised Erin to shake it off and reminded her of the lives she helped save. Abby agreed. Holtzmann recommended they leave and get something to eat then look for the Basset Hound. Erin was still feeling down and went home instead. Kevin walked up to Abby and revealed he decided he was going to become a Ghostbuster. Abby brushed him off and said she didn't have time to try to explain why that was not going to happen. Kevin was surprised she wasn't happy about his news.

Abby stayed at the lab. As she walked to the restroom, there was a knock on the door. She stopped, turned and walked back to the door. Thinking it was Patty and Holtzmann she called out to them and asked if they lost their keys. She reminded them she said to pin it to their bra strap like she did. Abby opened the door but there was no one outside. The light outside flickered off. She closed the door and locked it then walked to the restroom, slammed the door, and pulled the deadbolt. She rested on the door. There was a knock. She asked who was out there. The doorknob rattled. Then the sink's pipe rattled. Abby slowly walked over. There was a green glow down the sink. Abby heard Rowan's voice telling her hello. A green streak flew into her face. She fell on her back. She continued to hear Rowan's voice. Rowan explained his devices energized spectral entities on a nuclear, paramolecular level. It was the reverse of her research and aimed to take down the barrier. Abby walked to the mirror. Rowan chuckled and apologized. He admitted the Ectoplasm dripping out of her orifices looked nastier than he intended and laughed. He implored her to enjoy herself. She vomited ectoplasm all over the restroom. Ectoplasm passed under the door.

Holtzmann and Patty returned to headquarters with sandwiches. Patty called out to Abby to eat since her moods had been real bad. Holtzmann walked towards the restroom. She called out to Abby then sang to her to get her sandwich. She tapped the restroom door and was about to knock but it opened. Abby greeted Holtzmann by her first name. Holtzmann asked her if she was okay. Abby replied she was fine and walked to the lab. Holtzmann was puzzled. Abby picked up tubing from a pile, put it back down, and picked up a pipe. Holtzmann told her she got it at the dumpster the day before. She revealed she was going to use it to make a proton shotgun or just swing it around and break stuff. Abby attacked the Proton Packs mounted on the wall. Holtzmann dashed over and grabbed the pipe. Abby shoved Holtzmann across floor. Patty felt validated low blood sugar was a serious issue. Abby acknowledged Patty then threw the pipe. Patty dived to the booth. Abby walked over and picked Holtzmann off the floor by her throat. The window was shattered as Abby walked Holtzmann through it and dangled her outside. Patty charged. Abby dropped Holtzmann but Patty shoved her to the ground and grabbed Holtzmann's right arm just in time. Abby leaped onto Patty's back but got shoved into the wall. Abby stood back up. Patty held her back by pressing against her head. Abby pushed her hand aside and ended up on her back on the window frame. Holtzmann pleaded for some help. Abby's head twisted around like in "Exorcist" and faced Holtzmann. Holtzmann and Patty naturally freaked out. Abby's head twisted back to its original position and said, "Boo." Patty screamed. Abby stood up. Patty referred to her as a hellion and tried to vanquish her. Abby stopped in mid-air then they tussled again. Patty pulled up Holtzmann back inside and all three fell to the floor. Patty slapped Abby in the face. Rowan's ghost vacated Abby and flew out the window. Abby felt the slap and believed it was going to leave a mark. Patty quoted "Exorcist" with her own twist and slapped Abby again. She realized Abby was back. They heard Kevin outside asking for a Proton Pack. Kevin was in a make shift flightsuit. They implored Kevin to come inside. He wouldn't listen and declared he was born to be a Ghostbuster. Rowan possessed him and left.

Abby gave Holtzmann the greenlight and she drove Ecto-1 out of Zhu's garage unit. Ecto-1 got stuck on West 38th. Holtzmann declared they hit an impasse. Abby elected to clear a path elsewhere. Abby, Patty, and Holtzmann approached the cluster of Sabrett Hot Dog Carts. There was a green glow coming from the one on the left. The lid popped open and Slimer flew out then scarfed more hot dogs. They gasped. Abby asked what the hell that thing was. Slimer turned and burped at them. They gasped. It flew towards them. They side stepped him and he flew right into the driver's seat of Ecto-1. Abby and Patty yelled at him to stop. The engine started and Slimer reversed out. Abby was annoyed at Holtzmann for leaving the keys in the car. He charged Ecto-1 towards them. Abby ordered everyone to light him up. Holtzmann interjected and revealed the equipment on the roof rack was basically a nuclear reactor. Patty cast her vote that they don't shoot at it. They gasped and jumped out of the way. Ecto-1 barreled past the carts. Abby realized they gave a ghost a nuke and proposed they should probably run.

The Ghostbusters ran past people and paused to look to West 38th Street and 6th Avenue. They saw a ghost balloon parade. Patty asked if Thanksgiving was like Halloween back in the 1920s because she thought that was a creepy-ass Macy's Parade. Abby admitted she was always kind of been attracted to husky men in hats. One of the balloons doubled back and peered at them. The balloons chuckled and started floating towards them. Abby guessed they looked like chew toys to him. They blasted the balloons and they popped one by one as they slowly drifted towards them. They popped and puttered away. The last one was of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It landed on and smothered them against the street. It chuckled. Abby groaned. Patty pointed out how absurd it was. Abby stated she couldn't reach her trigger. Holtzmann told them it was exactly how she pictured her death. Stay Puft deeply chuckled. A piercing sound was heard and it suddenly popped. Erin was behind it and revealed she used her Swiss Army Knife. Abby announced it was time to go save the city and get their terrible receptionist back.

Erin admitted she was never good in a fight. Abby believed her chance to work on that was coming up. Holtzmann reminded everyone they had Proton sidearms to use. Abby told everyone to power up. The Ghostbusters opened fire with their throwers on the ghosts that emerged from the P.K.E. mist. A ghost hurled a tomahawk but it struck the chest of another ghost. Abby wrangled it and hurled it into other ghosts. She called it a slap shot. Abby armed a Proton Grenade and tossed it up at 7 seconds then tried to bat it with her thrower but missed. Abby kicked the grenade over. The grenade went off and neutralized the Ghost Pilgrim, freeing Erin. Abby whooped but was grabbed by Mayhem in front of a Nathan's. Abby yelled she lost her glasses. She realized they were in her hand. Erin blasted Mayhem. Abby dropped on the hood of a car. She put on the Proton Glove and fought several ghosts. Abby and Holtzmann chucked grenades at ghosts. Abby berated the neutralized ghosts as they marched onward to the Mercado. Erin told her to reel it in tighter and save her energy. Abby realized Erin "killed" a Pilgrim.'

The Ghostbusters walked past the police, agents, and soldiers frozen in place. Abby found it weird. Erin agreed. Patty tried talking to them but nobody could talk. Abby congratulated them on the great work. Slimer drove by in Ecto-1 and was having a jolly time with other ghosts hanging from the car and a Lady Slimer on the passenger seat. Abby relented it was having the time of its life. The Ghostbusters stepped into the lobby of the Mercado Hotel. Abby pointed out the obvious, the Barrier Compromising Machine was up and running again. A tune plays in a slow tone then a piano glided by, missed them, and crashed into a pillar. Rowan cursed for missing them. Abby exclaimed Kevin's name. Abby told a civilian named Frank to get out of the hotel. Frank ran outside and screamed. Patty suggested they should have warned him about what was outside. Abby told Rowan it was time for him hop out out of Kevin's body. She admitted they liked him, despite his many, many frustrating quirks. Holtzmann added he just started figuring out the phones. Rowan eventually exited Kevin's body, and Kevin fell down to the lobby. Abby and Erin "broke" his fall and wound up on their backs. Abby ordered nobody to let Rowan get away. They traded insults with Rowan as they blasted at him. Abby wanted to switch gears and take Kevin to safety. He was still unconscious so Erin and Abby had a hard time dragging him out. Abby ordered Rowan to show himself. Rowan asked her what form she preferred he take. Patty took the lead and wanted something nice and cute, like a friendly little ghost.

Rowan appeared as the Ghostbusters' logo and asked them if it's what she wanted. His form became sinister and started expanding in size. Patty stipulated she wanted "cute." They became very concerned. Rowan grinned and raised his left arm then makes a shoving motion with both arms. They were sent flying outside by a flood of green energy and the shock wave knocked the police, agents, and soldiers on their backs. The windows shattered floor by floor. Abby yelled at everyone to run. Rowan burst out of the hotel. He saw them and marched after them. Abby prioritized the need to reverse the portal but it required an insane amount of energy. Erin wondered what to do. Abby believed they just had to shoot directly in the portal with more power to cause a reverse reaction. Holtzmann suggested they cross the streams. Abby believed they had an extremely good shot at pulling all the ionized ecto-matter back into the dimension of its origin by crossing their streams into the portal. Erin saw the pro was they saved the world but the con was they experienced the most painful death conceivable of all time. Abby admitted it was hard to shine that penny. Erin agreed to do it.

They returned to the portal and crossed the streams into it but they fell on their backs. Abby realized the portal was too strong and they didn't have enough power to reverse it. Ecto-1 returned again. Patty asked about the roof rack equipment. Holtzmann theorized if they could get the reactors super-critical inside the vortex, the beta radiation could reverse the polarity. Erin realized it would cause a total protonic reversal. Abby equated the plan to turning the portal into a giant ghost trap and called Patty a genius. Patty stated she was a Ghostbuster. Abby told everyone to focus on narrowing the car's path. They blasted one pole at time. Ecto-1 swerved away from each one. Holtzmann directed them to aim for the silver canisters. They side stepped Ecto-1 and fired. Ecto-1 launched in mid-air into the portal. They nailed the canisters as it descended into the Portal. The Portal turned red. All the ghosts around the city were pulled in by red streams of energy shooting out of the Portal. Even Rowan was pulled back but he resisted and held onto some buildings. Erin didn't want to let the portal close with him still in New York. Abby ordered everyone to loosen his grip. They shot his "crotch." Rowan reached for the Ghostbusters as he fell to the ground. Abby told them to look out. She pushed Patty aside. Rowan grabbed Abby as he was pulled into the portal.

Erin tied the winch and dived into the portal. Erin, Rowan, and Abby passed through The Divide. Erin fired her thrower at his left arm. He released Abby. Abby spiraled. Erin closed the gap and grabbed her while Rowan plunged into the end of the divide and vanished. Erin told Abby she wasn't going to leave him twice. They felt a yank. Erin told her to hold on. Patty and Holtzmann pulled on Erin's wire from outside the hotel. As Erin and Abby reached the red zone of the divide, their hair turned white. Patty and Holtzmann lost their balance. Abby and Erin emerged just as the portal closed and they burst through the doors. Patty noticed their hair was white. Erin looked at Abby's hair and vice versa. Abby was annoyed Kevin stopped to get a sandwich. Kevin suggested they stop splitting hairs and the point was, the Ghostbusters were back together again and that's what friends were for. They placed their hands into the center of their circle. Erin told him to hold her hand longer. Abby had enough and tapped Erin. Kevin commented he loved their hair because it made them look a lot older. Abby snatched the sub and tossed it. Kevin asked for it. It was tossed back to him. Abby mouthed 'No' to the person. Kevin ate more. Patty was surprised. Abby tossed the sub again. Kevin asked for a beverage. Abby told them don't. A water bottle was tossed to him. Kevin asked for a muffin next. A muffin was thrown to him. Abby couldn't believe it.

The Ghostbusters waited for Lynch at a Jacob Wirth Co. Restaurant. Abby and Erin's hair were dyed by then. Abby told Erin to stop fiddling with her hair and thought it looked nice. Holtzmann quipped she would talk to her at an AA meeting. Abby revealed her color was "Woman with a Secret" and the woman on the box was kind of going, "Shh" and she appeared to be in a canoe. Holtzmann decided to make a toast and tapped her glass with a utensil. The others were concerned. Holtzmann talked about how physics was the study of the movement of bodies in space, and it can unlock the mysteries of the universe. But it cannot answer the essential question of what is our purpose here. And, to her, the purpose of life is to love. And to love is what they have shown her. She didn't think that she would ever really have a friend until she met Abby, and then she feels like she has a family of her own. She ended telling them she loved them and thanked them. Holtzmann clinked glass to glass with Patty then Abby then Erin and sat. Abby was surprised and thanked her back. Erin, Abby, and Patty clinked drinks. Lynch pulled out the fifth chair and apologized for being late. She thanked them for their discretion even though it was not working at all then chuckled. Lynch revealed the Mayor would like them to continue to study the paranormal, fully funded, so the city can be better prepared just in case of another event. She emphasized they can have anything at all. Erin got an idea to ask for the Firehouse. The Ghostbusters walked to the Firehouse. Abby congratulated Erin on the idea. Erin declared she proudly took the title of Ghost Girl. A black Cadillac hearse pulled up to the Firehouse. Tires screeched. The horn honked. A man got out of the driver's side. Patty stepped outside. Abby confirmed to Erin that he was Patty's uncle. Uncle Bill demanded to know where the car was. Abby and Erin made no eye contact and walked past them to the door.

Some time later, Bennie delivered to the Firehouse. He handed the order to Abby near the doors inside the Firehouse. Bennie told her he knew what she did. He suddenly leaned over and hugged Abby. She told him not to get weird on her. She took out a container. It was stuffed with wontons. Bennie smiled. Abby stated she just wanted a reasonable ratio of wontons to broth. Bennie insisted she deserved every wonton in the world and she shouldn't let any man tell her otherwise. Abby told him he could leave. Bennie asked if they were still good for brunch. Abby told him no and to just leave. Kevin answered his phone and gave the thumbs up hand sign to Erin and Abby as they walked by towards the lab. He tried to act scientific and classify the ghost as a "illusional meta-physious, spectro-mian." Kevin told the caller the ghost was probably a result of a lot of bad karma from their previous life. He drank and spitted, then remarked he hated coffee. Abby remarked she was just going to disconnect his phone. Erin doesn't think he would notice. Abby agreed. Abby and Erin approached the lab and got Holtzmann's attention. She turned around to them. Erin asked how things were going. Holtzmann told them it was going really good and she was working on some kind of next-level stuff. Holtzmann pushed a button on her Keysight FieldFox Microwave Analyzer. The Ghost Transporter, a giant device resembling a bear trap, activated. It clamped shut then released. Erin gasped in shock. Abby was impressed. Erin asked what it was for. Holtzmann stated it caught ghosts and it transported them somewhere else. She admitted she doesn't know where but had a feeling it was Michigan then apologized out loud to the city of Lansing.

Abby asked about the Containment Unit. Holtzmann replied that was going real smooth but warned them to not be in the room with it for more than an hour at a time, because she was thinking there may be a lot of hair loss. Dr. Rebecca Gorin walked around the Containment Unit, assessing it and not paying them any attention. Holtzmann kicked herself and introduced Gorin as her mentor. Patty came down from the stairs and told everyone to come up to the roof. Buildings across Manhattan were lit up thanking the Ghostbusters. One read, "NY S2 GB" while another read, "I love GB", and another read, "NY Loves Ghostbusters." Patty was happy some people actually knew what they did. Abby admitted it was not terrible. Erin agreed. Patty chuckled, placed her right arm around Erin and they hugged. Holtzmann placed her arm around Abby. Abby grabbed her hand. Erin and Patty linked up to them. Abby exhaled. Some time later, they worked in the lab. Abby tinkered with something. Patty heard something interesting on the Kudelski Nagra III Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. Erin walked over between Abby and Patty. She asked Patty if she got something. Abby rested her chin on her left palm. Patty revealed she heard something really weird and asked them what "Zuul" was. Everyone was silent. Erin and Abby couldn't think of anything and both shook their heads.

After Rowan's defeat, Erin and Abby updated Ghosts From Our Past. The revised edition was "organized" into three sections, "Our Stories", "Our Research" and "Our Methods", on the suggestion of their editor. They decided to leave most of the original text intact except for the final chapter about attracting paranormal to the physical plane and removed over 200 pages of ghost orb photographs which turned to be just dust particles on Erin's camera lens. Holtzmann, Patty, and even Kevin got to contribute new material to it. The Ghostbusters became swamped with new cases in Manhattan.[30]

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics

Abby Yates was interested in the supernatural from an early age. A teenage Erin and Abby hung out in the latter's bedroom one day. Erin came up with an idea for her and Abby to stay overnight at St. Paul's Chapel on the night of Friday the 13th for their first stake out of a haunted site.[31][32] Despite it being her idea, Erin worried about security guards or priests who would call the police on them. The possibility of getting in trouble made her stomach twist. That night, they crossed through the chapel's cemetery. Abby admitted she was giving her a hard time but found it pretty cool that she said she wasn't afraid of ghosts. Patty was there, too, on a modified dare and noticed Erin and Abby breaking in downstairs. Holtzmann was also there and tested her first weapon but something went wrong. She ran for it and yelled out for anyone to run for their lives. Abby, Erin, Patty, and Holtzmann fled to the cemetery and hid behind headstones. The chapel partially exploded. They noticed each other and ran away in opposite directions. During college, she co-wrote "Ghosts From Our Past" with her friend Erin Gilbert. They posited hard science theories on how ghosts are created, where they come from, and how to disrupt the psychokinetic energy that forms them. Abby graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics. Abby identified with her studies in the supernatural so much that she often got jealous of others she met who knew as much or more than she did. After some time to adjust, she gets excited about the prospect of collaborating and pooling knowledge. One such occurrence was her first encounter with Jillian Holtzmann.[33] As part of an experiment at Higgins, Holtzmann tried to implant a memory into Abby. As a result, Abby developed a strong love for soup.[34][35]

Abby was not pleased to hear from Patty that she and Holtzmann failed to capture any ghosts in Queens. Abby emphasized she really needed a specimen to study and decreed Holtzmann couldn't blow up any ghosts or cars until they captured at least a Class 5. Abby's curiosity finally got the best of her and she asked what Kevin was doing in a broccoli costume. Erin wasn't really sure. Abby asked Kevin to practice in the other room, mostly to put Erin back on task. Abby was uneasy with a recent trend of P.K.E. readings being all over the place. She knew something was off and wanted the Ghostbusters to be prepared to save the world again. Abby challenged Erin to a coin toss in hopes of getting out of the task of going over the company account. Abby won and went out on calls with Patty and Holtzmann. They arrived at the Stryker Beach Golf Course. Holtzmann couldn't help herself and asked who had a problem with their balls. An employee informed them a ghost was out on the 13th green. Abby reminded everyone they should trap it for study. Patty suspected Abby came along to keep them on task but she denied it. Abby's P.K.E. Meter picked up the ghost. To Abby's dismay, Holtzmann neutralized it with the Ghost Chipper. Holtzmann didn't like its face but insisted the ghost's readings were too skewed to be a decent test subject. Patty tried to cheer Abby up and pointed out they had 3 more stops to go.

They returned to the Firehouse empty handed. Abby was in denial then pointed out they needed to build an observation tank. Holtzmann assured them she had maybe three ideas on how to go about it. Kevin realized they were back and revealed he took a message while they were out. Abby pointed out he gave her one of his shoes instead of the message. Kevin was happy to see it after looking all over for it. He suddenly saw Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz walking up the stairs then they were gone. Abby snapped her fingers to get Kevin's attention again. Kevin apologized and explained he felt like he was somewhere else for a second then asked her if they knew anyone named "Venkman". After two Statues of Liberty and another team of Ghostbusters appeared on the news, the team gathered outside the Firehouse. Abby declared she was calling her attorney as soon as she retained one in order to sue the other team. She wanted to dig out the diagnostic equipment but they discovered the layout of the interior was different and their stuff was gone. Erin thought they were robbed but Abby was skeptical the robbers replaced their things with other things. Egon Spengler and Kevin Beckman got their attention from atop the stairwell. The two teams gathered on the second floor to figure out what was going on. Abby and Holtzmann stared at Slimer in the Paranormal Containment Research Tank. Abby mistook him for the version they encountered but Holtzmann reminded her they blew that one up. Abby wondered if they were in "ghost hell" but Holtzmann pointed out that would just be Hell. Abby told her to be quiet. She was still plagued by a nagging feeling that the others looked familiar. Peter stated they were the world famous Ghostbusters. Abby angrily countered they were the Ghostbusters and were operating for well over year. She stopped to ask Egon why he was scanning her. Egon stated her dimensional frequency was in a pronounced state of flux. Abby didn't quite understand what he was getting at and said her frequency was just fine. Ray started to tell her about their studies of alternate dimensions but in order to expedite things they went downstairs and activated the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. Holtzmann reached into the portal to her home dimension but her arm emerged from the portal well above her arm. Abby didn't understand. Egon concluded their respective dimensions were in a state of overlap. Abby didn't believe him and wanted further proof like a control in an experiment. Egon opened a portal to the dimension occupied by the Ghostbusters they met earlier in the year. Holtzmann described what she saw.

Ray and Egon talked about their exploration of alternate dimensions, their first encounter with Gozer and crossing the streams on its portal. Abby was upset they risked causing a total protonic reversal. Erin recalled they set off a nuclear explosion at the Mercado. Abby told her to be quiet and that was totally different. Egon continued and theorized crossing the streams took them to the line of a complete subatomic destruction and connected themselves to every reality for a second but in that second, seeded the subconscious of the Multiverse with the idea of Ghostbusters. Holtzmann answered the front desk phone and took up a new case. Abby stated they couldn't work at a time like this but Holtzmann wanted to zap something and clear her head. Abby remained behind at the Firehouse while her team accompanied the others to Ellis Island. Kylie brought a sampling of the usual references used in the Ghostbusters' investigations. Abby recognized the "Ley Lines: of North America" book and asked if she ever heard of "Ghosts From Our Past" but she didn't. Egon returned with a box full of equipment. Abby noticed the Ghost Sniffer and Long-Range P.K.E. Scanner first. A build-up of P.K.E. released an amount of pressure large enough to rock the Firehouse. Equipment from the other dimension's Firehouse appeared in the office area. Beckman came up on comms and asked if he should start tagging their equipment to avoid any confusion later on. Egon and Abby set out to collect data. They ended up in City Hall Park. Abby noticed the Ley Lines were the same in this Manhattan and they were lit up like Christmas. Egon checked with the Ecto Monocle and confirmed her findings. Abby admitted the best solutions she could think of wouldn't stop the situation from getting worse. Egon concurred and stated they needed more information about what the 101 pilot team did with the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. He dialed Jenny Moran's cellphone and asked if they were still with her at the Warehouse. They already left but Jenny remembered Ray still had a class scheduled the next day. She asked if something was up. Egon simply replied "yes" and hung up.

Egon, Ray, Kylie, Abby, and Erin scanned the 101 pilot team for residual ectoplasm so they could track the Bronx Spook. Abby used the Giga meter. Egon gathered that the teleportation unit's portal was shut with enough of the ghost's spectral mass on this side to tether it to both dimensions. Abby wasn't pleased to learn they never got around to securing the teleporter. Garrett Parker insisted he washed the ectoplasm all off. Abby told him it seeped in and stuck around for awhile. Erin freaked out. Abby started feeling sorry for herself and walked into another room. Erin found her. Abby looked at the equipment hanging up and admitted she couldn't even tell her what it did. She thought she knew everything there was to know about the paranormal and should be able to as well been the first to break into other dimensions. Then Abby stated they should have gotten a ghost in a tank first but they got beaten to that, too. She admitted it was sinking in they weren't the first Ghostbusters and she wasn't as special as she thought she was. Erin had enough and swiped the device out of her hand and called it a B.S. Detector. Erin admitted the other Ghostbusters were further along but that shouldn't downplay what they accomplished so far. Erin pointed out they were unique in they wrote their own book and it was so comprehensive that Rowan was able to follow it and build from there. She reminded Abby two worlds were in trouble and if they failed, Rowan would get what he wanted - a world full of ghosts. She finished saying they should celebrate there's a whole multiverse full of Ghostbusters but should still borrow a couple of ideas like interns.

Abby got an idea to re-purpose their team's Containment Unit to capture the tethered ghost. Abby tried to calm down Holtzmann, who was horrified to see one of her inventions taken apart, and stated Ray was going to personally rebuild it. Ray explained the plan to catch the ghost and seal the breach made by it. Abby half-joked there was a slime to sever its connection to the Ley Lines. Kylie confirmed they could use positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. Abby couldn't believe it. Abby, Holtzmann, and Kylie put the finishing touches on the Ultimate Mobile Trap just as Special Agent Melanie Ortiz arrived. Melanie mistook Holtzmann for her dimensional counterpart in the FBI. Abby was amused at least one of them had a doppelganger. Abby noticed the neutralization of the Ley Lines was a success since ambient psychokinetic energy levels were dropping. She introduced herself to Melanie and told her not to worry about Holtzmann since she couldn't resist trying to annoy a federal agent. Kylie estimated it was time to depart. Abby stated the trap was a two-seater and took off with only Holtzmann. They stopped in Duffy Square. Abby triggered the trap and the ghost soon manifested from a breach in the sky. After the ghost was trapped, the Ghostbusters had little choice but to Cross the Streams on the breach to seal it and separate their dimensions. Peter concluded her temperamental nature springs from wanting the world to catch up to her theories, but worrying it will jeopardize her unique status as the ultimate expert.[36] Two weeks later, Peter and Ray visited their dimension to rebuild their Containment Unit as promised. Abby and Erin reflected on the adventure on the roof. Erin asked if she still had hinky feelings then called dibs on writing a paper on the verification of alternate universes. Abby admitted she felt better and concluded having her protons scrambled did her a world of good. She wondered what was next for them.

During the Yorkville Brownstone case, Abby tried to downplay the situation as business as usual and stated they did it 100 times before. Holtzmann pointed out it was their 82nd case. Abby retorted she was rounding up then got a reading on her P.K.E. Meter. The Ghostbusters were surprised by the sudden manifestation of the Timothy Ghost. Abby pointed out it was just a Class 3 and a child. Patty got wound up and went on a stir about children in horror movies. Holtzmann added it kept calling them "Mommy." Abby didn't like that either. Before they opened fire on it, Holtzmann antagonized it by stating its mom was definitely dead. Timothy transmogrified and attacked them. They took cover by some furniture and Abby called out for the "Hi-Lo" maneuver to trap the ghost. During the capture, Abby was possessed by the real threat, Doctor Kruger. When nobody was looking, she stomped the P.K.E. Meter to pieces. Back at the Firehouse, they brushed off Abby's monosyllabic replies as a freak out about Timothy. Erin asked Kevin to order the usual from Zhu's but resigned herself to the inevitable and the food would never show up like Holtzmann pointed out. Holtzmann placed a diode on Erin's forehead for an experiment while she asked where Abby went. Patty suddenly burst in and shared her discovery of an entry on the brownstone. Holtzmann tried to forcefully put a diode on Patty. They realized Abby was possessed again. Kruger thanked them for freeing him from his prison. Holtzmann predicted Abby would be pissed and wondered if there was a susceptibility after someone was possessed for the first time. Erin and Patty yelled at her. Abby vomited ectoplasm around the lab. Holtzmann reminded herself to conduct a study later then hopped across a table and grabbed her De-Possessor. She went on explaining how she was inspired by Abby's first possession and designed it to reach in and separate the two essences. Holtzmann warned she had to be careful to pull out the ghost but they yelled at her to just use it. Kruger was pulled out of Abby and Holtzmann declared it was all in the wrist. Abby couldn't believe she was the one that got possessed again and wanted Kruger trapped. She called to Kevin for a towel. The towel landed well before her open hand. Abby took solace it was at least a towel this time. Kruger attacked and drained them of their energy. They fell to the floor. Holtzmann felt oddly terrified, too. Abby agreed and cleared her to use the Ghost Zamboni, allowing her to skip safety testing. Holtzmann was stunned and quickly pulled off the tarp. Kruger resisted its pull, burst through the upper floors, and escaped into the city. Abby ordered everyone up to the roof and saw him flying towards the Empire State Building.

Abby wanted to go to the Empire State Building rather than do nothing and let Kruger take over the city even though they had no way to beat it. Patty wanted to do research, development, and planning but Holtzmann wanted more field data from Kruger in order to build a weapon. Erin found it odd that the phone wasn't ringing. Abby asked Kevin if they got any calls but he revealed he unplugged the phone because it was annoying. The Ghostbusters attacked him at full power but he resisted and sent their consciousnesses into the Nightmare-Scape. Abby found herself in an office based on Dean Shank's at Kenneth P. Higgins Institute. The dean told Abby there was no funding, ghosts will never be real, and she was fired. Abby insisted ghosts were real, they were proven real by past events, and that she was a Ghostbuster. She tried to resist but Kruger transformed himself into a clown, her fear. He then told Abby she was one, too, then showed her reflection a mirror. She, too, was a clown to her horror. Abby's fears were of clowns and none of her life as a Ghostbuster was real.[37]

40 minutes after their defeat at the hands of Kruger, Erin broke the silence inside Betty's Diner and spoke up but Patty got irritated and confirmed it was too soon. Erin agreed what they experienced was awful but refused to give up and took solace they got away. Abby disagreed and pointed out they didn't know anything. Erin was sure they would figure it out. Holtzmann clarified Kruger let them go because they had nothing to offer and were unimpressive. She left the diner sullen. Erin found her in the alley and admitted she was more afraid to see Holtzmann unwilling to overcome a challenge than her fear of bees. Holtzmann started laughing. Patty and Abby joined them. Holtzmann continued to laugh at Erin's expense. She clarified she was laughing at her fear, not her, but the others weren't catching on. Holtzmann clarified someone's fear was dumb to someone else and the reason they lost was the specificity. She theorized it could free them, too, and was ready to get back to work. Erin noticed they had a lot of messages and Kevin cut the cord. Since he already did that seven times before, Abby already had some replacement phones ready. She decided they had to go back to the brownstone and find out more about Kruger and his ability.

Abby, Erin, and Patty searched for the entrance to an underground lab using the brownstone's schematics but discovered it was sealed up. Abby came out of nowhere with an axe and started chopping away at the wall. Patty brought up the current owners but Abby replied they could bill her. She warned the others there were ghosts bound to the lab but didn't think they would attack unless they disturbed something. Erin riled up several of Kruger's Victims. After Patty retreated past Erin and Abby, they opened fire and she trapped them. Abby was angered to find a parking ticket on Ecto-1 and cried conspiracy over the hard to read parking signs. Back at the Firehouse, Holtzmann introduced them to her Dream Machine.

Erin and Abby were subjected to the Dream Machine next. A dream merge was achieved but Holtzmann couldn't control it. What they experienced was more intense than what Kruger did to them. Holtzmann also used the Dream Machine at the same time to make scrambled eggs for Erin and Abby to keep their strength up. Kevin brought her a record and frisbee instead of plates. Holtzmann wanted to implant memories but nobody would agree to it. After several hours, they made little progress. Abby suggested adding more power to their arsenal but Holtzmann cited she would need a Neutron Bomb as a power source and recalled a man she knew in Brighton Beach that could supply her. Erin struck down the idea. Holtzmann reiterated without any leads from the journal, she couldn't figure out a way to stop Kruger from putting them back in the Nightmare-Scape so they needed a way to control their dreams and hide. Holtzmann further explained a common memory that was buried and attached with guilt or shame would be sufficient. Since there wasn't one, Holtzmann circled back to a memory implant. She was turned down again. It reminded her of her first weapons test that partially blew up St. Paul's. They realized they were all at the chapel on the same night. 90 minutes later, they departed for the Empire State Building again. Erin and Abby both said "Let's do this" at the same time. Holtzmann quickly intervened and declared it was time.

Abby turned into a clown and was overwhelmed. Erin yelled out for Abby as she ran from bees then fell right into her. Erin soon realized she was now a clown, too. She implored Abby to remember the plan. Abby thought of the chapel and took Erin's hand. They dropped into the chapel and reunited with Patty. They calmed her fears of being left alone and vowed to avenge the missing Holtzmann. Kruger found them and admitted they were clever to hide in a shared memory. Abby corrected him and Erin revealed the plan was to lure him to the memory. On Erin's call, they opened fire on Kruger but she realized they couldn't hold him for long. Abby implored them not to give up. Holtzmann finally arrived and joined the battle. They were blown back to the real world. Kruger refused to admit defeat but Abby pointed how he was a lot less powerful than before. Kruger retorted he would just feed off more dreams and become more powerful then mocked them because they were too weak from leaving the Nightmare-Scape to fight him. Kevin was waiting and trapped Kruger. While Kevin declared he was on the team, Abby realized nobody knew they saved the world again. Kevin wanted his own car with a siren but Abby promised to talk about putting one on his Ecto-2 if he mastered the phone. Kevin insisted he was good at it already. Erin clarified it had to be plugged in. Holtzmann admitted she was starving and was craving more of the nightmare-induced scrambled eggs. Erin and Patty turned her down in unison. Holtzmann pointed out they were so good. Abby admitted she was right. Holtzmann declared nightmare science eggs for everyone.

Abby helped trap all of Connla's Army on Liberty Island in the prime dimension weeks away from Halloween. She then checked her P.K.E. Meter, along with Egon Spengler of Dimension 68-R and Roland Jackson of Dimension 68-E, to verify all the ghosts were captured. Egon Spengler asked the Ghostbusters for their help in retrieving ghosts that escaped from the Containment Unit and escaped into the multiverse. All of the teams involved in the operation gathered in the Warehouse. A field team consisting of Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, Alan Crendall of Dimension 50-S, Abby Yates of Dimension 80-C, Eduardo Rivera of Dimension 68-E, and Winston Zeddemore of Dimension 68-R arrived outside the gates of Helsingor Brewery in Dimension 75-B. Winston guessed the Remote Portal Access Band's randomization circuits made an error. Abby didn't see the point of randomization circuits in teleportation technology. Egon explained they were useful in helping the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles escape The Collectors but they only generated a portal to a random dimension. Death blocked their path into the brewery. Abby couldn't believe Death might be the ghost they were after and questioned what would happen if it was trapped then declared it couldn't be personified. Winston disagreed and reminded her he told her team that Death was trapped in a backpack. Before Abby could retort, Egon tried to explain to it they were in the middle of rectifying an error. Death countered it was, too, and proposed a game of chess for the life and soul of Egon. Egon accepted but he was blocked from pulling out a chair. Death explained while Egon accepted the challenge but it was Eduardo who was chosen to be the player. Abby thought Death was messing with them.

Abby couldn't believe Egon went into the brewery with them instead of watching the game. Egon explained he didn't want to make Eduardo nervous. She found his excuse ludicrous as Eduardo was playing against Death. Egon heard laughter and turned to Abby but she denied it was her. The Fire Goblins burst out a vat of warm beer atop a Moose Ghost. Abby declared she officially wanted to go back home. It chased after Abby. Egon explained to Winston the Fire Goblins were trapped when he went on a vacation but suddenly clutched his chest in pain. Abby ran over and checked Egon. She confirmed his pulse was still strong and nothing was visibly wrong. She wondered if Eduardo even knew how to play chess. Abby noticed Egon's heart beats were far apart but was almost hit by flames. Abby had enough and blew up the Moose Ghost with a Proton Grenade. She pointed out it was expendable. Alan and Winston 68-R wrangled the Fire Goblins, who called foul. Winston threw out a Trap-Gate and captured them. Alan checked his P.K.E. Meter and called the room clean aside from the Moose Ghost's particles. Winston told everyone Egon was unconscious but still alive and it was time to head outside and keep him that way.

Winston and Abby helped Egon outside as he started to regain consciousness. Egon stated his spirit felt like a kite tethered to his body by the thinnest of strings and the wind was blowing very hard. Abby teased him about getting so poetic but was glad he was back. Abby wondering if blasting Death in the middle of the game would be considered a forfeiture. Eduardo declared checkmate and Death smashed the table in anger. Abby thought Death was supposed to be better at chess than that. Egon explained he was emulating a movie and in that story, Death only won because he cheated and tricked his opponent into giving away his strategy. Death decided he was going to reap everyone. Abby reacted quickly and trapped him. Egon blasted the Trap-Gate apart before it transported Death into the Containment Unit. He explained trapping Death was going to create a spectral bottleneck and influence a massive P.K.E. surge. Egon realized it would be chaos and they were being manipulated by Tiamat. He opened a portal but Death suddenly dispersed it by slicing it in half with his sickle. The Winstons immobilized it while the others went through another portal. Instead of returning to the prime dimension, the team was redirected by Tiamat to the Collectors' Limbo. Rather than serve her, they fought back. Abby was one of seven to open the last of the functioning Trap-Gates, set on random. Tiamat was stripped of her P.K.E and trapped.

The Ghostbusters returned to the Firehouse after a successful bust. Patty noticed Kevin was absent and a young man was waiting for them. Abby called Kevin but got nowhere with him. Abby told him it was her. Kevin replied Abby wasn't in. Abby told him he wasn't in and she was. Kevin asked if she knew where that was. Abby didn't understand who he or what he was talking about. He clarified he was asking if Abby knew where "here" was. Abby tried to explain she was Abby and she was calling from work to see if he was okay. Kevin told her he would let Abby know. Holtzmann asked Abby if she found Kevin. Abby wasn't entirely sure how to answer that question. The man explained his abuelo sent him to complain about the apartment next door. He described crazy sounds, smells, and blasts of cold air. Everyone got their money out. Holtzmann guessed it was sagging radiator pipes, Abby guessed rats in the walls, and Erin believed it was a Class 2 entity. They departed for Astoria in Queens.

The Ghostbusters knocked on Apartment 4B's door. The mother answered but pretended nothing supernatural was going on. A ghost dog named Nunu ran out the door. On Abby's cue, they blasted at it by the elevators but Nunu went through the wall into the stairwell. Luckily, like in life, it had no idea how to get down the stairs. They trapped it. Zara's mother explained a cult impregnated her with the spawn of a demon for money. Abby scanned Zara and confirmed the cult's ritual because Zara's P.K.E. readings were off the chart and even her Muhkee doll radiated it. She was concerned Zara could act like a beacon for her father. Erin asked the mother if the cult mentioned who they were trying to summon. Sahaq's Herald crossed over and answered it was Sahaq. Abby asked when they should expect him. The herald proclaimed, "He shall emerge from between the flow and the stagnation when the Fourth Eye opens upon his issue's second revolution!" While the Ghostbusters dissected his words, the herald exited the apartment through a portal and the room was slimed. Abby told Holtzmann to invent some hoods for the flightsuits. They departed to do some research on Sahaq.

Patty interpreted the "flow and the stagnation" as the Hudson River emptying into the Bay. Abby agreed it was New York Harbor. Erin found a passage on Sahaq and noticed a summoning ritual mentioning a full moon. She wondered if the "Fourth Eye opens" meant the fourth full moon of the year. Abby realized "his issue's second revolution" meant the second birthday of his daughter Zara. Kevin finally returned to the Firehouse and told Abby someone called to check if she was okay. Abby sarcastically thanked him. He then talked about his anniversary of working for them, prompting Abby to suggest going out on a night cruise. The Ghostbusters, Kevin, Zara, and Zara's mom boarded a cruise ship in New York Harbor on a Friday night. At 8:47 pm, off Pier 81, Abby felt something under the ship. Sahaq rose up from the harbor and announced himself. The Ghostbusters tried to pull him towards the C-7 Trap but Zara's mom panicked and ran off with her. Erin, Patty, and Abby tried in vain to hold him with Proton Streams. Abby told them to keep at it because they were wearing him down. Patty didn't think so at all. Holtzmann grabbed the mom's hoodie and Zara's Muhkee doll then tricked Sahaq into thinking it was Zara and he followed her. He reached over the trap and was captured. At the pier, Abby assured the mother that Sahaq wouldn't be coming back. Muhkee suddenly started talking like Sahaq. Holtzmann speculated some of Sahaq's P.K.E. escaped into the doll but assured her it wasn't dangerous.


She is serious researcher on the paranormal. She also has been known for playing practical jokes on people along with Jillian.


  • In early development, Abby's last name was Bergman seen in the previsualization reel done by Proof Inc.
  • The helmet worn by Abby, when she and Erin are first reunited, is a homage to what the possessed Louis Tully wore in the1984 movie. McCarthy wanted an odd piece of equipment to wear when viewers first see her.[38]
  • Abby thinks the world of Erin's mother.[39]
  • Abby accidentally uses the anti-terrorism slogan for the company slogan then starts thinking of a new one "If there's something strange in the...", a nod to the Ghostbusters (song).
  • Abby is severely allergic to cats.[40]
  • Abby's YouTube username is ParanormalAbby.
  • Abby takes sugar with her coffee.[41]
  • To counter Martin Heiss's accusation, Abby cites the astrophysics model that all the stars, planets and galaxies that can be seen today make up just 4 percent of the universe. The other 96 percent is made of what astronomers can't see, detect or even comprehend like dark energy or dark matter.
  • Abby loved "Road House".[42]
  • So she doesn't lose her keys, Abby pins them to one of her bra straps.[43]
  • On the July 14, 2016 episode of "Conan", McCarthy talked about the possessed Abby scene. She revealed they employed a practical approach to the head twisting stunt, a stuffed back bra.
  • Abby is attracted to husky men in hats.[44]
    • The line is also a nod to "Mike and Molly", a television series that Melissa McCarthy co-starred in. McCarthy's character Molly was married to Mike, a husky police officer.
  • During her toast at Jacob Wirth, Holtzmann reveals Abby was her first friend.[45]
  • In the deleted scene The Breakup, Abby tells Erin she was called a weirdo since she was eight years old.[46]
  • In the extended alternate scene The Longest Job Interview Ever, Holtzmann reveals Abby was a victim of the Nigerian prince scam.[47]
  • According to Abby, the first word she said was "Why" followed by "What this?" and "Higgs boson."[48]
  • Abby was nicknamed "Curious Georgina", a nod to Curious George, by her parents for her intense curiosity.[49]
  • Abby had an imaginary dachshund named Zorp.[50]
    • Zorp is a nod to the television series "Parks and Recreation." Zorp the Surveyor was a 28-foot tall lizard god worshiped by the Reasonabilist cult.
  • Abby's mother, Dr. Cynthia Yates, was the first woman to earn a doctorate in chemical physics firm Iowa State University.[51]
  • From an early age, Abby cared more about verifying Kepler's elliptical orbit equations than she did about school dances and popularity contests.[52]
  • Abby has an ex-boyfriend named Sam who was obsessed with getting closure.[53]
  • When she was a child, Abby dressed in her mother's white lab coat and torched her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures with a lighter.[54]
  • Abby is fan of "The X-Files," mid -to late-nineties hip-hop and R&B, and "Blossom."[55]
  • In the Tor Books Ghostbusters Novelization, there was some differences with the main canon of the movie:
    • On page 31 and 135, it's revealed Abby moved from Indiana during junior year in high school.[56][57]
    • On pages 50 to 63, Erin and Abby blew off a Thanksgiving holiday during college to look for paranormal activity in Depot Town.
    • On page 57, it's revealed Abby went to New York after the University of Michigan.[58]
    • On pages 139 to 146, Erin and Abby's high school science fair project is expanded on.
  • In Ghostbusters International #3, on page 6, in panel 5, Abby makes a non-canon cameo as one of the applicants outside.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters 101 #1, right of Kemp's Spectral Field Guide is the photograph of Abby and Erin at their high school fair, seen in the Extended Edition and deleted scenes of the 2016 movie.
  • Abby claims Patty once tried to poison her with decaffeinated coffee.[59]
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, Abby is wearing her army green jacket from Chapter 16 of the 2016 movie.
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters 101 #3, Abby appears to be in her civies from Chapter 16 when the team toasts in the sports bar.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #5, below the Ghost Smashers is Abby.
  • Abby appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters 101 #6.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6:
    • The second image is from Chapter 3 of the 2016 movie, when they see Gertrude Aldridge in the Aldridge Mansion Museum. Winston appears in place of Abby holding their P.K.E. Meter.
    • The third image is from Volume 2 Issue #17, page 16 panel 3, during the Hart Island battle against Vigo. Abby appears in place of Ray just before he entered another trance state.
    • The eighth image is from Ghostbusters II, Chapter 24 "A Harbor Chick", when the team looks out from the head of the Statue of Liberty. Holtzmann, Patty, and Abby appear in place of Peter, Winston, and Ray.
    • The ninth image is from the first movie, Chapter 27 "Stay Puft Man", when they shoot the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Abby appears in place of Ray.
    • The last image is from the end of Ghostbusters II. Abby appears in the neutralized Vigo painting in place of Ray.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Abby's bio refers to her co-authorship of "Ghosts From Our Past" and Erin's pantsuits.
  • On page 12 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Holtzmann's susceptibility theory about why Abby was possessed again also came up back when the prime Ghostbusters' ongoing series first started. In Ghostbusters Volume 1 Issue #3, Idulnas explained to Ray that his being so open minded to the paranormal led him to being chosen as the Selector for Gozer's Destructor form.
  • On page 13 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #2, Abby admits she is afraid of clowns.[60]
  • On page 22 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1, the notes on Abby incorrectly states she has a doctorate is a Doctor in Applied Science (D.A.S.) and she has a parapsychology degree. Her virtual trading card, released on April 19, 2018, is considered correct and stated she has a Ph.D. in Physics.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #4, it is revealed this continuity places teenage Erin and Abby in New York City.
    • The Ghosts From Our Past River Press Edition previously revealed they met and attended high school in Battle Creek, Michigan. They didn't go investigate their first haunted site until sophomore year at the University of Michigan after X-Files premiered on September 10, 1993.
  • On page 20 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #4, Erin and Abby both say "Let's do this!" before a bust like in the movie before Stonebrook.
  • Abby appears on Cover A of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #2 piloting Ecto-2.
  • Abby is mentioned on Crossing Over Virtual Trading Card #21, featuring Kevin Beckman, released on May 1, 2018.[61]
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #5, Abby's description has a typo at the end - "and be a Ghostbusters" instead of "and be a Ghostbuster".
  • On Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #5, Abby's flightsuit has the Ghostbusters II logo.
  • Abby appears in the lower left side of Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6.
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6, Abby reveals she has some E.M.T. training.[62]
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #7, Abby is featured.
  • On page 11 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #7, Abby refers to poet John Keats.
  • Abby appears on all 3 covers of Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Answer The Call Ghostbusters.
  • Like Ray, Abby is a technologically inclined and was possessed by a ghost. Her figure is similar to Ray’s animated counterpart.


“I got one wonton!” “There isn’t even any meat in there, that’s just a carrot.”


Primary Canon

Ghostbusters (2016 Movie)

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics


  1. Since Abby was in graduate school at the time, it is assumed she participated in Club sports at the University of Michigan, regarding the Curling Team.


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