The Ecto-1 Vehicle a action vehicle is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's line. It is based off The Real Ghostbusters animated series Ecto-1.

Toy Description

Ecto-1 Vehicle
with ghost claw
Swiveling Blaster seat

Front of Box Notes

(Left) Swiveling Blaster Seat
(Right) Reels in Ghost With Ghost Claw! (Ghost Included)

Back of Box Instructions

1. Gunner seat swivels and GhostBlasters rotate to shoot in any direction.
2. Gunner seat stores inside for undercover work.
3. Move the Ecto-1A forward and reel the ghost in. (Ghost included)

Booklet Description

Description from Action Toy Guide
Get ready to roll on your own ghostly adventures with the Ecto-1. Hero figures sold separately.

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