The Action Vehicle: Ecto-Bomber Vehicle a action vehicle is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's line. It is based on an airplane seen in episode "The Slob".

Toy Description

Ecto-Bomber Vehicle
with Stun Bombs (2)
and Flyer Ghost

Front of Box Notes

Capture ghost with Grabbing Claw! (Flyer Ghost Included.)

Back of Box Instructions

Titled: "The Real Ghostbusters" Air Adventure
1. The Real Ghostbusters Heroes climb out on the Ecto-Bomber wings ready for another fun adventure. It's Egon's turn to pilot, but any hero can man the cockpit.
2. Spin the propeller and race the Ecto-Bomber down the runway for a smooth take off.
3. Look out! Ghosts attacking! Zap'em with the Zapper Gun!
4. It's the tricky Flyer Ghost hanging on the wing! Where'd he go?
5. Oh no! More ghosts! Press down on the top of the bombs, showing through the wing, to release the stun bombs.
6. Quick! Press the side button to grab'em with the giant grabber claws. Got him! Back to headquarters to lock him up!

Booklet Description

Description from Action Toy Guide
The Real Ghostbusters heroes can now fly in their new Ecto-Bomber vehicle to seek ghosts. Fire Ecto-Bombs on ghosts. Capture and hold them in the grabbing claw or Ghost Trap below. Any of The Real Ghostbusters heroes can "pilot" the Ecto-Bomber or wing walk. Comes with companion ghost. Figures not included.





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