Action Vehicle: Fire Frighter Vehicle is an unreleased action vehicle.

What is Known

The Fire Frighter vehicle was one of the last items Kenner had planned to release in 1991. The Fire Frighter was in part a reused unreleased vehicle mold from the Police Academy line (with the addition of the ghost trap feature on the back). That item was known as the Jail Jalopy vehicle and was one of the items Kenner had planned to release just before the Police Academy line was cancelled in late 1990. Although a Slimed Heroes Ray Stantz is pictured with the vehicle, it is likely that the Backpack Heroes line would have been the tie in line with regard to their proposed corresponding release dates. Unfortunately, no other internal Kenner photography or packaging materials are known to exist for shedding more light on this vehicle. To date, only one example of this prototype is known to exist. The Fire Frighter would have made a great addition to the line since a fire truck vehicle would compliment the fire house playset. It's worth noting that the Real Ghostbusters eventually used a modified fire truck in the Extreme Ghostbusters episode Back in the Saddle.

Toy Descriptions

Fire Frighter
with Grabber Claw and Crane Arm
and Portable containment unit (small side lever operates the trap feature doors - similar to the Ghost Trap toy)
and Seats for two Real Ghostbusters Action Figures

Series Description

Description from Hot! Hot! Hot! Toy Fair 1991 (toy dealer catalog):
"It's a four-alarm ghost alert and The Real Ghostbusters are on the scene in the new Fire Frighter! Capture ghosts with the grabber claw and crane arm! Store them by dropping them into the portable containment unit! Cab of truck site any two of The Real Ghostbusters action figure side by side!"



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Tomart's Action Figure scan provided by Paul Rudoff of Spook Central (Fan Site). Toy Fair 91 catalog scan provided by collector Josh Blake.


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