The Highway Haunter Vehicle a action vehicle which is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's line. It is assumed to be based off the The Real Ghostbusters animated series version car that Janine used in the series. However, no official materials suggested that.

Toy Descriptions

Highway Haunter
with Motor ghost

Back of Card Instruction

After storing their Proton Packs in the back, The Real Ghostbusters Heroes are off on another adventure!
But watch out! Press either headrest and a monster springs from underneath! Press down car body over front and back wheels to snap it closed.
Lift the trunk to place the motor ghost on his peg.

Booklet Description

Description from Action Toy Guide
The Real Ghostbusters Heroes can use this ordinary convertible on their ghost chasing adventures. But they had better watch out because it changes into the Highway Haunter!


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