Aetil [1] is a one of the Terror Birds, the female, who serves Tiamat.


In the springtime, Dana Barrett had an encounter with Tiamat. Aetil sat to the left of Tiamat. When Dana tried to run away, the Terror Birds gave chase. Aetil failed to catch up and Mot grabbed Dana's left leg with its beak and dragged her back. Dana later attempted to escape from her apartment but Tiamat and the Aetil were waiting in her living room. Dana was restrained by several monstrous arms. The Terror Bird took an ethereal form and possessed Dana. She called Peter's office pleading for help. As expected, Peter immediately drove out to Dana's apartment, tracked by the other Ghostbusters. The possessed Louis Tully and Dana greeted them at the building entrance.

Once on the roof, Peter deflected possessed Louis' taunts. Dana, still possessed by Aetil, appeared and messed with Peter. When that failed, she attacked his ego noting he wasn't that important to Tiamat and was nothing in the grand scheme of the universe. Peter was undaunted but the Terror Bird opened its mouth and blasted Peter. Dana returned to normal after the Ghostbusters crossed the streams to defeat Tiamat. Aetil appeared once more a couple weeks later after Egon Spengler sprayed positively charged pink Psychomagnotheric Slime on Dana. Egon and Kylie extracted Aetil after trapping Mot with their 'trap and observe' strategy.



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