Agent Edward Norris [1] [2] is the FBI Section Chief [3] of the New York City field office.


Due to the sharp seasonal increase of ghost activity in New York City, Walter Peck began a search for someone competent to help the Ghostbusters. Peck settled on Special Agent Melanie Ortiz. Peck took his friend Agent Norris for a game of golf. Agent Norris was leery Peck was going to pitch him the idea of a FBI liaison to the Ghostbusters, again. Norris didn't understand why Peck specifically wanted her when her record proved she would be rising up the ranks within the Bureau. He told Peck to find someone else that was perfect or let the Ghostbusters find their own employees.

Peck released a Golfer Ghost out of a Trap and it immediately slimed Norris. Peck then mused if Norris found his house haunted, he would be in a position where he couldn't spare resources to help. Norris was flabbergasted. Peck cemented the right one person makes all the difference in the world. Soon after, Norris' office expedited the paperwork and by October 30, Ortiz returned to the Firehouse.

In late January, Norris called in Special Agent Ortiz to his office at the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building to go over her report about the Rodefhiri incident during New Year's Eve. Despite going over it 100 times reportedly, Ortiz was ordered to go over it until Norris understood it. Norris reminded Ortiz of her position as a liaison between the Ghostbusters and FBI and he was the one who approved her transfer to New York in the first place. While concerned with Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz routinely discovering "looming threats," Norris also questioned the information given by the possessed Gypsy Witch and the nature of Rodefhiri's planned attack. At the end of the report review, Norris inquired about what came of Rodefhiri. Ortiz embellished the truth and revealed the entity was left in individual Traps then sealed in crates filled with cement. Ortiz did not disclose the Ghostbusters simply deposited the crates into a river. Norris was pleased with the review and dismissed Ortiz. However, he informed her she was scheduled to return the next morning to answer questions about the report from the Deputy Director.


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