Agent Rorke was a Homeland Security Agent. He appears in 2016 movie.


Agent Rorke along with Agent Hawkins came to the scene after Martin Heiss was thrown through the window by Mayhem thanks to Erin releasing the ghost from the ghost trap. The agents took the four Ghostbusters to the Mayor's office. Jennifer Lynch confirmed that both agents work for Homeland Security, and that they had been monitoring the Ghostbuster's activities. It was noted the agents are in charge of dealing with the ghost problem.

After the meeting with the Mayor, Rorke and Hawkins brought the Ghostbusters back to their headquarters in chinatown. Hawkins hands them a card and then goes to the SUV while Rorke tells the Ghostbusters to stay off their turf. Rorke then proceeds to leave, getting in the wrong SUV where a agent is already sitting. He then goes to the right SUV driven by Hawkins but fails to open the door. They fumble with the locks and door opening function and finally successfully get the door open. Hawkins drive the SUV as Rorke was still taunting the Ghostbusters.

Later Rorke and Hawkins show up at The Mercado Hotel and escort the Ghostbusters out while Jennifer tells the press that the events there were a stunt by the Ghostbusters.

Rorke and Hawkins later return to The Mercado, joined by Police Officers Officer Jensen and Officer Stevenson along with the police, SWAT, and the National Guard. Rowan comes down and then makes them dance to a song, then stand frozen in place. After the events of Rowan and all the ghosts being sucked back in the portal, Rorke along with everyone else outside were able to move and go on like they had before Rowan had froze them.


  • On July 6, 2015, it was reported Matt Walsh joined the cast as "Rourke."[1]
  • On July 10, 2015, it was reported Michael K Williams and Matt Walsh arrived in black suits from a black SUV and take the Ghostbusters with them after they finish talking to police officers at the Chinatown set.[2]



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