The Alamo Ghost is the ghost of an unidentified horseman who briefly haunted The Alamo.


In the present, the ghost manifested in and around the Alamo but was in a confused state. It rode through walls and civilians and coated everything and everyone in Ectoplasm. It made no attempts to injure anyone. While no injuries were caused, there was some minor property damage to display cases that were overturned and stained. A woman from Nebraska claimed she was "hustling out of the way of the ghost horse" and knocked over a display. The Texas Board of Tourism requested a public investigation from the FBI to increase confidence on the part of the visiting crowds, who filed complaints. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz was asked to look into the matter with as little discretion as possible, so as to entertain the tourists. The New York branch of the Ghostbusters were unable to commit any resources to the investigation so Melanie contracted Dani Shpak and Lou Kamaka from the Chicago Ghostbusters.

On October 2, the ghost fled from them at each encounter finally muttered something in Spanish. Melanie realized the ghost didn't know where it was and was scared. They managed to engage it in verbal communication and explained what was going on. The ghost regained its composure, apologized, and peacefully dispersed. Follow-up scans were conducted and confirmed P.K.E. Levels were back to normal at the Alamo.


The F.B.I. Spectral Incident Report listed the ghost as a Class 3 Minor Phantasm. Its manifestation at the Alamo generated a P.K.E. reading of 000014.01 on the low spectrum.


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