Alan Favish[2] (also known as Al)[3] was an old "friend" of Ray Stantz who ran Favish Shoes.[4]


Alan Favish works as a shoe salesman and was jealous of Ray. One day he attempted to make himself look like a hero and made Ray look like a fool. He did it by casting spells from a book of magic spells to make the Pallo Mansion ghosts stronger and immune to Proton Streams. The Negative Energy surrounding the ghosts left and went underground, which is where the Winged Puma was.

He later tried to make all of the Ghostbusters look like buffoons by using the book to destroy the creature, but the Winged Puma instead used fireballs to burn the book to ashes. However, Ray had just read about the spell and found a way to adapt the Particle Throwers to go through the Negative Energy surrounding the Winged Puma. The Puma then destroyed his shop, much to his horror. The Ghostbusters captured the Puma and Favish was stuck with repairing the damages made to his shop and having a horrible reputation now damaged even further.


The Real Ghostbusters


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