Albany Psychological Corrections Facility (also known as Albany Mental Corrections Facility) is a mental institution located in upstate New York.


After an experiment gone wrong in 1994, Michael Draverhaven was declared insane and remanded to Albany Psychological Corrections Facility instead of jail for trying to kill his friend Ray Stantz. Michael spent 10 years, a third of his life, in the facility. He slowly learned how to communicate with and control ghosts.

In 2004, six months after the defeat of Gozer, Michael overpowered two guards with the help of a ghost, left them in a comatose state and simply walked out of the facility. The day after, the facility contacted Ray and notified him of Michael's escape. Janine Melnitz called up the superintendent and set up a noon appointment the next day for Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore. The guards regained consciousness with no memory of what happened. While a doctor showed Egon to Michael's cell, Winston was mistaken for Santa Claus by a patient. Rather than try to correct him, Winston played along. Egon took P.K.E. readings of Michael's slime-filled cell and noticed the wall was lined with articles about the Ghostbusters. During an altercation with the Ghostbusters, Michael was crushed by scaffolding. He was returned to Albany in a catatonic state.