The Alchemy Key is a large key designed to unlock the secret location of Bishop Gottskalk Nikulausson's tomb.


The powerful spellbook known as the Rauoskinna was buried with its writer Bishop Nikulausson in a secret tomb to prevent abuse of it. A map of the tomb's location and a key to the tomb were hidden around the planet and moved every so often. As a further precaution, they were given supernatural safeguards. At some point, the key was hidden in a cave on Chiloe Island and guarded by a Brujo. The Ghostbusters, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, and a parallel version of Egon Spengler found the cave and battled the Brujo. After it was trapped, the only P.K.E. reading left in the cave was behind a boulder. Ray Stantz investigated and found the key.


  • In Ghostbusters International #9, on page 11, the key Ray finds is a nod to one of IDW Publishing's other comic book series, "Locke & Key" because one of the comic's crew, Gabriel Rodriguez initially proposed Chile to be used in Ghostbusters International.
  • Incidentally, according to Chilote myth, there is an object called the Alchemy Key that locks the entryway into the Brujo's cave.


IDW Comics


  1. What Came Before! Page (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #10" (2016) (Comic What Came Before! page). Narrator says: "The Ghostbusters - with the aid from an alternate dimension Egon Spengler, as well as the Chicago branch - have tracked down the map to and the key of the hidden tomb of Icelandic Bishop Gottskalk Nikulausson, a man who wrote a spellbook rumored capable of controlling the devil."
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