Alice [1] (also known as Librarian and The Librarian) [2] was a librarian at the main branch of the New York City Public Library who was working in the stacks when she encountered the Library ghost.


Primary Canon

While re-shelving books in the basement of the library, Alice was near the card catalog when drawers started opening and cards inexplicably came flying out. After running away, she turned a corner and encountered the Library Ghost, scaring her out of her wits and leaving her traumatized.

Later, Dr. Venkman interviews her to help determine what happened downstairs in the stacks. She admitted that, while she has no history of mental illness, her uncle once claimed to be St. Jerome. [3]

Secondary Canon

During the Megaspook event, Alice was among the pedestrians standing outside near Herald Towers and watched as the Ghostbusters and Ghost Smashers opened fire on the giant ghost. A few years later, Alice was on duty while Egon Spengler searched for the library's copy of "The Johansen Argument."


Alice's personality is typical of a library worker. She is very meek and gentle, which made it particularly effective for her to be the first to encounter a ghost in the movie.


  • The Librarian was originally described in the final shooting script as a slightly stout and studious looking girl in her late 20's. Ultimately, a middle-aged actress named Alice Drummond was cast. [4]
  • In the 8/5/1983 draft, the Librarian's title was Assistant Librarian. [5]
  • In Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, Alice, the librarian, is known as Alice Melvin. She is 29 years old, wanted to be a fashion designer, stout and plain, just had her VCR stolen by her most recent date, and wanted to be reborn as Lonnie Anderson. [6]


Primary Canon


Secondary Canon

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