Alice Johnson[2][3] is a writer for Celebrity Magazine.


Alice Johnson was assigned by Celebrity Magazine to interview all four Ghostbusters for a feature story.[4] However, only Peter Venkman talked. For two hours, 22 minutes, and 16 seconds. The interview was put on hold when the Ghostbusters were ordered by Mayor Lenny to investigate the haunted water supply. Alice accompanied the Ghostbusters and recorded everything, even Peter's mistake of not bringing any Traps. She waited for them at the docks when they went out on the East River to confront Necksa.

When Peter was blown to the docks, Alice declared the title of her story would be "The Ghostbusters' Last Case." Peter had an idea and had Alice meet him at the docks around 10-ish. She watched Peter save his comrades and force Necksa to leave New York once and for all. She apologized to Peter and took a group photograph for the cover of Celebrity Magazine.



The Real Ghostbusters


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