Not to be confused with All Night Deli/Animated from The Real Ghostbusters

The All Night Deli is a delicatessen located in the Lower East Side.


After attending a meeting with Erland Vinter, Ray Stantz had a late lunch with Jenny Moran at the All Night Deli. She couldn't believe he was going to Italy the next week. Ray invited her to come but she didn't want her first trip to Italy to involve Peter Venkman. She asked Ray to bring her back a souvenir and left to finish paperwork that would clear the Ghostbusters' equipment from customs.


  • All Night Deli originates from The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Two Faces of Slimer"
  • In Ghostbusters International #2, page 5 panel 1, the All Night Deli is a stand-in for Katz's Delicatessen at 206 East Houston Street
    • In panel 2, the frames on the wall have scenes from the movies such as Louis Tully as Ghostbuster in Ghostbusters II.
    • In panel 2, the signage references the drink Blody from The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Halloween Door" and is based on a Coca-Cola advertisement.
    • In panel 2, the server with his back to the reader is visually based on Morganon, dressed as when he poses as an orderly, at the end of The Real Ghostbusters episode "Chicken, He Clucked" [1]
    • In panel 2, on the far right, with his back to the reader is Willis from The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Old College Spirit"
    • Jenny and Ray are wearing outfits that Monica McNeil and Clifford Skridlow respectively wore in the 1983 movie "Doctor Detroit."
      • McNeil was portrayed by Donna Dixon whom Jenny is visually based on
      • Skridlow was portrayed by Dan Aykroyd
    • In panel 5, to Ray's left is a medium frame with an instagram photo posted by Melissa McCarthy on August 25, 2015 in reaction to the Girl Power hash tag. It featured cast and crew from the Ghostbusters 2016 movie. [2]
    • In panel 5, to Ray's right is small frame with a grab from The Real Ghostbusters bumper when the Icon Ghost is leaning against the logo whistling and does its "We now return..." line.

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