Anicent Wizard ghost is a spirit who appeared in The Real Ghostbusters Magazine Winter 1991.


On New Year's Eve in Times Square, the Anicent Wizard ghost appeared angrily, destroying the New Year's ball. A Class-A Free Floating Vapor, the Ghostbusters needed a way to deal with him since they didn't bring their gear. Ray, who brought Tobin's Spirit Guide with him, found out that Times Square was built over the tomb of the wizard who hated noise.

With the ghost threatening to kill the Ghostbusters if everyone wasn't quiet, Peter makes a deal with him. He convinced it to take the form of the New Year's ball and descended during the countdown, as he said after it does, everyone will quiet down and go home, and if he didn't the crowd would stay there partying forever. He also said to relocate his resting place to the North Pole.

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