Anson Bell[1] is a radio director and announcer famous for his broadcast of the "War of the Worlds" adaptation.


On October 30, 1938, at EBS Broadcasting, Anson Bell narrated the broadcast of the radio adaptation of "War of the Worlds" where the Martians landed on Earth at Elmo's Hill but were beaten back. The transmission was intercepted by a Martian scout ship just past the Moon. They believed it was real and investigated on Earth only to die in an accident. Bell's broadcast also led Ray Stantz to become obsessed with aliens.


  • Anson Bell is based on Orson Welles, the director and narrator of the 1938 radio adaptation of H. G. Wells' novel "The War of the Worlds." It was performed for the radio drama anthology series, Mercury Theatre on the Air. The adaptation was reported to have caused widespread panic when listeners thought that an alien invasion was really happening.


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  1. Ray Stantz (2013). IDW Comics- "Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters" (2013) (Comic p.9). Ray says: "It was featured in Anson Bell's 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds, where the Martians landed and were beaten back."
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