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The Antenna-like Helmet was a device invented by Abby Yates and seen in the 2016 movie.


Primary CanonEdit

It was shown on Abby's head during her first visit from Erin. Abby notes that it is a advancement in science, the future. Later, she is shown still wearing the helmet while using phone. The purpose of the device is never disclosed. After the first visit with Erin, it can be seen in the Ghostbusters' First Headquarters in Jillian's lab area in the corner on top of equipment. It was moved to an unknown location after they had left to confront Rowan.

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

During the dimensional bleed incident, Cait Banner wore the helmet while her and the rest of the team were scanned and interviewed.



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Secondary CanonEdit


  1. Empire Online "Ghostbusters - trailer breakdown with Paul Feig" 3/9/16 Paul Feig says: "Melissa wanted some piece of equipment that's odd when we first see her. We looked around at a bunch of different stuff and got inspired by the original. A funny helmet is always fun."


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