The Aokigahara Guide is a local Japanese woman who offers her knowledge of places as a guide for hire.


When two teams of Ghostbusters captured Proteus in their Proton Streams, the god was forced to show them the future. Since eight men captured him at once, he had to show eight futures at once. One of the futures gleaned was of the woman in some sort of forest. The Chicago Ghostbusters and Kylie Griffin went to Japan in search of the Map to Nikulausson's Tomb. They hired the woman to guide them through the Aokigahara Forest. She warned them their equipment would likely fail in the forest because of magnetic interference from an abundance of iron in the soil. [1] Kylie reiterated she didn't want the ghosts in the forest to be disturbed by their search. Dani Shpak and Lou Kamaka believed the ghosts were probably as polite as the Japanese they met along the way. The guide removed Dani's arm off her shoulder and told them about the angry spirits and how they would slit their throat and laugh about it politely. In no time, they were surrounded by Yurei. Ron Alexander, Dani, and Lou fended them off so Kylie and Rookie could find the map. Kylie decided to take the guide with them because it would be safer. They followed a P.K.E. readings to a cave entrance. The guide warned them going in would not be wise. They went in anyway and found the map. The ghost in charge of protecting it possessed the guide then told Kylie and Rookie to leave the map alone or they would die. Kylie memorized the map then destroyed it with the Rookie's Proton Stream. The ghost refused to vacate the guide's body so Kylie trapped it. The guide was left in mid-air and fell to the ground. She suffered a bloody nose.


On October 12, 2015, Dan Schoening hinted the woman on page 10 in the vision is related to where Kylie Griffin and Janine Melnitz were sent to in Issue #4 (Tokyo). [2]


  • The woman appears to be visually based on Mukunoki Rika from "Ghost Negotiator Tenma."
  • The woman's earrings appear to be visually based on the ghost mascot from "Ghost Negotiator Tenma"


IDW Comics


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