The Apple Dumpling Gang [1] is a group of souls in Purgatory tasked with getting rid of the Ghostbusters.


The Bosses perceived the Ghostbusters as a threat to status quo in Purgatory and made a deal with several souls. If they could consign the Ghostbusters to an eternity of oblivion, they could all cross over ahead of their scheduled time. They were made up of an elderly woman, a street thug, a boy named Tommy, and conjoined twins. Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore managed to knock them out while Ray Stantz was pinned by the twins. The gang still pursued them to Purgatory's border where a demon stood guard. However, it was torn apart by Peter Venkman. The elderly woman was taken into custody. Peter then tossed her into a Winged Demon. J. Edgar Hoover later punched her out and Peter shooed her off.


The Gang as standard physical attributes in Purgatory.


  • Tommy is the only one given a proper name.


IDW Comics


  1. Ray Stantz (2009).IDW Comics- "The Other Side 2" (2008) (Comic p.13). Ray says: "Looks like the Apple Dumpling Gang isn't done with us."
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