The Archbishop [1] (also known as Mike) was called in by the Mayor Lenny for advice on what the events following Gozer's appearance may mean.


The Archbishop arrived at the Mayor's office after the Ghostbusters and Walter Peck. The Mayor immediately kissed the Archbishop's ring. Once the formalities were over, the Mayor asked what he should do. The Archbishop said that the Catholic Church would not give an official response, but noted that he considered the events to be a "sign from God." When Peter Venkman appealed to the Mayor's sensibilities and mentioned he could save lives of millions of registered voters, the Archbishop nodded in approval.


Lenny and the Archbishop being on a first name basis implies they are close friends and have been for some time.


  • In Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, the Archbishop's first name was Tim. [2]
  • Given that the Mayor addresses him as "Your Eminence" and that he wears a red zucchetto and red piping on his simar, the Archbishop is obviously a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church (unsurprising, as nearly all archbishops of New York have been cardinals).


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