Ardsley Travel Plaza is a travel plaza located in Westchester County.[1]


Once Ectotron apprised Optimus Prime of the situation on Earth involving the ghost of Starscream, Optimus decided to help investigate personally to support Ectotron. Optimus' personal craft made a discreet landing in New York near the Ardsley Travel Plaza. He chose a semi-trailer truck to scan for his vehicle form and drove to the coordinates Ectotron provided him. After an hour's drive, Optimus arrived at the Firehouse.




  1. Narrator (2019). IDW Comics- " Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #3" (2019) (Comic p.12). Narrator says: "Sophisticated computers calculate a path to the closest discreet landing location... a travel plaza in Westchester County, just a few dozen miles from Manhattan."
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