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Artie Grendel[2] is an unscrupulous movie producer who hired Ghost Actors to do his dirty work.


Artie Grendel was a dirty producer who had no sense of morality and did whatever it took to get movies made. As producer of "Horror House," Grendel began cutting extraneous costs including firing the Ghostbusters, who were initially hired to consult. When ghosts appeared, Grendel was amazed instead of frightened and filmed them in action. As the Ghostbusters got to work, he asked to borrow the ghosts. When the refused, Grendel helped three ghosts evade capture. Using only the ghosts, Grendel finished "Horror House" by himself in one month's time.

However, in exchange, Grendel had to help the ghosts make their own movie, "The End of the Ghostbusters."[3] He obliged and helped set up a trap at MJN Studios. As the ghosts terrorized the guys, Grendel filmed it all. Once the ghosts were taken care of Grendel attempted to run away but was tackled by Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore. Grendel tried to make a deal with them but the Ghostbusters turned him over to the police.



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