Artie Lester (also known as Art Lester) [1] is an exploitative and cutthroat reality television producer haunted by his former business partner, Sam Hain.


Artie Lester, a 23 year old up-and-coming Hollywood producer, became a business partner of retired escape artist, Sam Hain in 1952. Together, they formed a film production company. However, Hain was trapped in one of his secret passages and eventually declared legally dead by Lester. Lester became a billionaire producer of reality television that verged on exploitation. On September 21st, a transference of the Hain Estate was completed and Lester took ownership of Hain's home, Tobin's Mansion.

As part of a major public relations push for his upcoming programs, Lester planned to hold the social event of the season, a Halloween gala. One of Lester's known programs in development was one about Ghost Hunters. Angered by Sherri's, his assistant, choice in decor, Lester was horrified to see a ghost manifest. That fear was short-lived when he realized the ghost could translate into ratings gold. He approached the Ghostbusters to help capture the ghost and offered them $50,000. Egon and Ray quickly turned down the offer, but Janine accepted the deal behind their backs. While Janine confronted Sam Hain, Lester recorded the entire bust. Luckily, he also called the Ghostbusters to tell them about Janine. They arrived and tossed Lester's camera into the Netherworld as Sam Hain went through a closing portal. Lester's $50,000 was used in part to cover a proper burial for Sam Hain.


  • Per his business card on page five, Artie Lester's phone number is 212-555-2368 and his website is
  • On page 23 of Ghostbusters Issue #5, the Sam Hain PCOC file lists Lester's address as 6324 North Bvd,. East Hampton, NY and a phone number of 555-3467 with Lester Productions.
  • On page 4 of Ghostbusters Issue #14, Artie Lester's business card is seen on the front desk's card holder.



  1. Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission (2012).IDW Comics- "Issue #5" (2012) (Comic p.23). File says: "The last time Hain was seen publically was at a film premiere in 1952, when he formed a film production company with then 23-year-old up-and-coming Hollywood producer Art Lester."