Astoria Apartment 4B is the apartment dwelling of Zara and her mother in Astoria, Queens right off of 30th Avenue.[1]


The Cult of Sahaq performed the inception ceremony in Apartment 4B.[2] At some point later, the mother gave birth as the cult chanted. They raised up Zara and proclaimed the Spawn of Sahaq's arrival. It soon became apparent the infant was a girl and concluded they weren't favored after all. A doll was left behind by the cult. They left the apartment to get Chinese then find a new vessel. The cult still paid the woman, allowing her to pay for the apartment for at least seven years. Two years later, a ghost dog manifested in 4B. Zara named it Nunu. At least one of the neighbors began hearing strange sounds, smelling strange odors, and feeling Cold Spots. She sent her grandson to the Ghostbusters to get help.

The Ghostbusters knocked on 4B's door. The mother answered but pretended nothing supernatural was going on. Nunu ran out the door. They blasted at it by the elevators but Nunu went through the wall into the stairwell. Luckily, like in life, it had no idea how to get down the stairs. They trapped it. Zara's mother explained everything to them. Abby Yates scanned Zara while Erin Gilbert questioned the mother why she let a cult impregnate her with the spawn of a demon. The mother admitted she didn't think it would work. Abby confirmed it did and revealed her scan showed her P.K.E. readings were off the chart and even Muhkee radiated it. She was concerned Zara could act like a beacon for her father. Erin asked the mother if the cult mentioned who they were trying to summon. Sahaq's Herald crossed over and answered it was Sahaq. Abby asked when they should expect him. The herald proclaimed, "He shall emerge from between the flow and the stagnation when the Fourth Eye opens upon his issue's second revolution!" While the Ghostbusters dissected his words, the herald exited the apartment through a portal and the room was slimed. Patty Tolan told Erin to give the mother their cleaning formula. The mother just wanted to know if Zara was safe. They departed to do some research on Sahaq.



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