An example of the translation stickers used on the toys.

Auriken: The Real Ghostbusters Toy line in Mexico of the Kenner Toy line. The toys are in most cases imports of American toys, with the same packaging even including the Special Offer for "Ghostzapper Film Cartridge", which Mexico is not in the promotion of it. As far as differences, the only ones seem to be the stickers added that translate the information to Spanish and including company information.


The company Auriken is more well known for supplying My Little Pony toys and GI Joe toys during the 1980's in Mexico. While it was more common for the company to do more localization, there were other lines that simply got the label treatment.


Unlike most import companies, Auriken also manufactured some of the American/Canadian vehicles and role playing accessories.

List of Toys

This list as of now is not completely confirmed. This info may be somewhat incomplete. Items with (C) are conformed and unless noted are just like the Kenner counterparts.

Off Janine Melnitz Fright Features Card

  • Haunted Humans: Terror Trash
  • Haunted Humans: Granny Gross
  • Haunted Humans: Mail Fraud
  • Haunted Humans: Hard Hat Horror
  • Haunted Humans: Tombstone Tackle
  • Haunted Humans: X-Cop
  • Fright Feature: Peter Venkman
  • Fright Feature: Egon Spengler
  • Fright Feature: Ray Stantz
  • Fright Feature: Winston Zeddmore
  • (C)Fright Feature: Janine Melnitz
  • Firehouse
  • Pull Speed Ahead
  • Ecto-1
  • Ecto-2
  • Haunted Vehicles: Highway Haunter
  • (C)Gooper Green Ghost (Slimer)
  • Ecto-Plazm (red)
  • Ecto-Plazm (yellow)
  • (C)Ecto-Plazm (blue)
  • Ecto-Plazm (purple)
  • Mini Ghosts: Mini-Gooper
  • Mini Ghosts: Mini-Trap
  • Mini Ghosts: Mini-Shooter
  • Proton Pack
  • Ghost Popper

Off Janine Melnitz Screaming Heroes Card

  • Ghost Zapper

Other Known toys released


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