The B.U.F.O. Facility is a government research facility located in Queens and is operated by the B.U.F.O. (Bureau of Unidentifiable Flying Organisms). [1]


Walter Peck plotted to get the Ghostbusters arrested for spying by sending them on a fake call to the B.U.F.O. facility. However, when they investigated Testing Lab 5, they discovered an actual ghost and captured it. The lab's centrifuge returned to normal after performing sluggishly for two days. [2] Slimer was later brought to the facility for testing. He was studied in a lead-lined room to prevent his escape. [3] The scientists concluded he was neither animal, vegetable, nor mineral and posed a possible danger to the world. Peck had him taken to the cyclotron room to be destroyed.

The Ghostbusters and Janine Melnitz infiltrated the facility and tried to save Slimer. However, Peck changed the cyclotron's stop code and nearly got the base destroyed. The Ghostbusters fired their throwers together and let the cyclotron's magnetic field bend the streams into a lasso, forcing itself to stop. In the aftermath, Peck and Calahan were fired and Slimer was given an award.

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The Real Ghostbusters


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