Backpack Heroes Figure: Peter Venkman is an unreleased action figure, which would have been part of the The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's Backpack Heroes set.

The Backpack Heroes set also would have included Egon, Ray, and Winston.

This group would have once more reuse the classic mold designs. This group would have been the first line to have only four heroes with Louis Tully not being included in lineup.

What is Known

The line was shown in "Kenner - Hot, Hot, Hot" 1991 Promo booklet.[1] All toys have the same design proton gun and different designed "Containment Unit Backpacks". They each come with a different ghost which can be launched from both the backpack and the end of each hero's weapon. This implies the spring was actually inside the companion ghost projectile. A large tab  on the left side of the backpack launchers the ghost when another hero's weapon (Or child's finger) touches it.

Toy Descriptions

Peter Venkman
with "containment unit" backpack
and weapon
and companion ghost (name was not provided in promo image)

Series Description

Description from Hot! Hot! Hot! Toy Fair 1991 (toy dealer catalog):
"Even the equipment for The Real Ghostbusters isn't safe from ghosts! Each Backpack Hero comes with a companion ghost which can be captured and placed into the figure's "containment unit" backpack. Watch out! You can make the captured ghost rise out of the pack and grab and scare the hero! Only another of The Real Ghostbusters can help by ejecting the ghost out of the pack! Ghosts can also be placed on the end of the weapon and fired off."



Tomart's Action Figure scan provided by Paul Rudoff of Spook Central (Fan Site). Toy Fair 91 catalog scan provided by collector Josh Blake.

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