Ballard Wright was a lawyer who was rejected on Valentine's Day and haunted the apartment unit of his former lover.


During the turn of the century, Ballard Wright was a prominent attorney and fell in love with Hazel Mayfield, a woman of ill repute. On Valentine's Day in 1905, he proposed to Mayfield in her apartment unit. She declined. Because of Wright's popularity, the affair was widely publicized in gossip columns. Wright suffered from depression and withdrew from the world until his death in 1907. Throughout the decades, Wright haunted Mayfield's former apartment unit when it was occupied by female tenants. He was projecting misguided feelings of love and envy on the women and attacked their would-be suitors.

The current occupant, Tiyah Clarke asked Winston Zeddemore for help with dealing with Wright. Unable to capture Wright with Arm Mounted Proton Packs, the Ghostbusters argued on the next course of action. Winston confronted Wright and convinced him to get over his heartbreak and move on. The ghost took listened to Winston's words and peacefully dispersed. A few years later, Ballard briefly appeared at Winston and Tiyah's wedding in the Clarke section.


Besides flight and emitting Ectoplasm, Ballard Wright can also use Animated Objects to attack.