Barbara Mentee[3] (also known as Ms. Mentee) is the special executive assistant to Charles Foster Hearse III.


During the selection process for Spooks Illustrated's latest "Ghost Hunter of the Year," Barbara Mentee approached the Ghostbusters after they emerged from a successful bust at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station.[4] They agreed to the proposition and were taken to the Slime Life Building by automated limousine.

Charles Foster Hearse III, publisher of Spooks Illustrated and Mentee's boss, explained the challenge and terms to the Ghostbusters. Mentee then took the team to Hearse Castle to face the ghost of Charles Foster Hearse. At sunrise, she returned and was befuddled when they stepped forward and claimed someone else captured Hearse.


  • Barbara Mentee can complete Charles Foster Hearse III's sentences and vice versa.
  • On page four of Ghostbusters Issue #5, Barbara Mentee makes a non-canon cameo at Fantastic Land.


The Real Ghostbusters


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