Basement Cop Tyson was a police officer for New York City. He appears in 2016 movie.


Tyson, along with another cop, were assigned to watch the basement of The Mercado Hotel to keep people out. Tyson told the other about his plan to wear a new shirt every day then throw them out and start over every month because he found a deal of 50 cents a T-shirt.[1] He noticed Kevin Beckman, who was possessed by Rowan North at the time, and told him to stop. He joked nobody ordered a Clark Kent strippergram. Rowan processed and realized he joked because of the glasses and the handsomeness then laughed. Officer Tyson laughed, too. Rowan punched him out and took out the other officer rather quickly, too.


  • Tyson's badge number, seen on his cap, is 58203.
  • Tyson's collar pin indicates he's with the 3rd Precinct, which in real life is out in Yonkers.



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