The Bat Spectral Constructs are a swarm of ghosts resembling a typical bat.


Upon the cyclical awakening of the Hungry Manitou, the first sign of its presence at Fantastic Land was the emergence of green Bat spectral constructs from the mouth of an employee dressed as a clown. Many bat constructs terrorized the park visitors as the Manitou took full possession of a child named Scotty.

Once Connla departed City Water Tunnel No. 3, Peter Venkman heard flapping. A swarm of orange colored ghost bats emerged from the side cavern where Connla was kept. Egon Spengler picked up the spike on his P.K.E. Meter. They ran for the elevator but the bats caught up and flew up to the surface past them. The Ghostbusters exited the elevator slimed. Egon noted the readings had dropped but decided to have a P.K.E. alarm installed for the construction workers' safety.



  1. Narrator (2016). Insight Editions- "Tobin's Spirit Guide" (2016) (Book p.50). Paragraph reads: "The Manitou is a possessing entity that consumes its victims from the inside out, and was terrorizing people at the park with spectral constructs, including semi-autonomous demonic clowns, ghostly bats, and phantom monkeys."


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