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The Bay Ridge Ghost is the ghost of a woman from colonial times.


The ghost of a woman haunted a walk-up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. One of the occupants, Evan Torres, became concerned when the ghost scared his mother so much she was starting to lose sleep. He asked his friend Cait Banner if she could pull some strings and ask her aunt, Janine Melnitz, if she could bump their family up the waiting list. Janine could not since fall was a busy season. Cait was persuaded by her other friend Zoe Zawadzki to "borrow" a Trap and P.K.E. Meter then take care of the ghost themselves. Evan wasn't pleased to hear the Ghostbusters weren't coming nor that Zoe made up a deal that got her use of his motorcycle for a month. After 20 minutes of searching the walk-up, the teenagers encountered the ghost in the basement. Cait tried to open the Trap but it malfunctioned. The ghost vanished then reappeared behind Evan. Evan panicked and punched its head off. They ran outside. Cait noticed a loose wire on the Trap and fixed it just as the ghost rose up from the sidewalk with its head on upside down. Cait successfully trapped it. Just as they tried to brainstorm how to get the equipment back into the Firehouse without being caught... they got caught. Janine figured out their ruse and sent Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz to make sure they didn't do anything stupid. Ray was impressed they trapped on a ghost on their first try and without a Proton Pack. He offered to teach them how to be proper Ghostbusters.


IDW Comics


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