Beasts Of Mayhem[1] was the band performing when Mayhem came on the stage and was captured in the 2016 movie.


The Beasts of Mayhem were billed for Rock Revenge Fest XIV in New York City. The band took to the stage shortly after the Ghostbusters arrived. They passed each other on a staircase while Jonathan the Theater Manager told the Ghostbusters about his encounter with Mayhem. The band performed their song "Low Then High" when the Ghostbusters investigated downstairs. As they performed "Want Some More", Mayhem emerged from the stage. The singer was impressed and signaled approval to the Lightboard Operator. The Operator shouted that wasn't his doing. The singer told the crowd they summoned Satan himself but he was interrupted when Mayhem threw him into a stack of speakers. The crowd thought it was an act and cheered. The Ghostbusters got onstage and captured the ghost then they got a standing ovation. The Beasts resumed performing. Jillian Holtzmann grabbed the short haired guitarist's guitar and smashed it against the floor. She tossed it back to him and said she couldn't pay for it.



  • Theodore Shapiro is also the composer of the Ghostbusters Score.
    • Ryan Levine and Theodore Shapiro wrote both "Beasts of Mayhem" songs on the Ghostbusters soundtrack.
  • Adam Ray portrays the lead singer and is also the voice of Slimer.



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