Berni Wrightson (also known as Bernie Wrightson) was a creature design consultant on Ghostbusters.


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Berni Wrightson was hired by Michael C. Gross to draw ghost concepts from an early draft of the movie's script. He worked on concepts for the Library ghost, Terror Dogs, and a hellish realm that later became the Temple of Gozer.

The Library ghost was meant to have an iconic "Quiet!" line. It originated from Wrightson's rendering of the Library ghost which had a cartoon balloon that read "Quiet!" Ever since then, the gag stuck and was worked into the script. However, in the movie, it was deleted in favor of a simple roar. [1]


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  1. Shay, Don (November 1985). Making Ghostbusters, p. 33 annotation. New York Zoetrope, New York NY USA, ISBN 0918432685. Paragraph reads: "The idea of having the transformed ghost roaring a characteristically librarian "Quiet!" came from an artist's rendering prepared by Berni Wrightson. Wrightson, one of several comic-oriented artists hired to produce concept sketches for the transformation, annotated one particularly vivid rendering with a cartoon balloon that read "Quiet!" The gag stuck and was worked into the script -- though in final execution, it was deleted in favor of a simple roar."



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