Betty's Diner is a Midtown eatery located in Dimension 80-C.


40 minutes after their defeat at the hands of Doctor Kruger at the Empire State Building, the Ghostbusters settled at Betty's Diner. After a long silence, Erin Gilbert spoke up but Patty Tolan got irritated and confirmed it was too soon. Erin agreed what they experienced was awful but refused to give up and took solace they got away. Abby Yates disagreed and pointed out they didn't know anything. Erin was sure they would figure it out. Jillian Holtzmann clarified Kruger let them go because they had nothing to offer and were unimpressive. She left the diner sullen. Erin found her in the alley with her Proton Pack and for once, she didn't want to talk. Erin went first and admitted she was more afraid to see Holtzmann unwilling to overcome a challenge than her fear of bees. Holtzmann started laughing. Patty and Abby joined them. Holtzmann continued to laugh at Erin's expense. She clarified she was laughing at her fear, not her, but the others weren't catching on. Holtzmann clarified someone's fear was dumb to someone else and the reason they lost was the specificity. She theorized it could free them, too, and was ready to get back to work. The others were glad she was back. They drove back to the Firehouse.


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