"Hey, hey, hey! Greaser! This is the place. Hey, hey, hey! Greaser! Come on in! Hands down. Your face!"

- Recorded Jingle; Something's Going Around

Big Greaser [1] is a 1950s themed fast food restaurant. They offer a variety of meals, including large fries, chocolato shakes, and diet apple turnovers. [2] [3]


One evening, a Greaser Haunt was attracted to a Big Greaser and scared off all of the patrons while he danced to the restaurant's music. The Ghostbusters were soon called in to deal with the ghost. During the bust, they destroyed the order box and the Big Greaser statue. The ghost possessed the statue and attacked the Ghostbusters with its giant burger. The Ghostbusters blasted the statue and melted it down with their Proton Streams.



The Real Ghostbusters


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