The Biker Ghost [1] is a Level C who haunted Vinnie's Club.


The Biker Ghost is an aggressive, disfigured biker-like entity who is fought by the Extreme Ghostbusters team and defeated. Garrett Miller confronted it alone when Ecto-1 stalled from a clogged fuel line. The Biker ghost knocked Garrett into a closet as Kylie Griffin and Eduardo Rivera arrived. The pair confined and trapped it. Upon returning to the Firehouse, Egon Spengler dumped the entity into the Containment Unit.


Garrett reads the ghost as a Level C on the P.K.E. Meter. [2]


Aside from flight, the ghost appears to have strong psychokinetic abilities as it was able to attack police outside the bar with Animated Objects. It also masks its true form unless provoked.


Fil Barlow based the Biker Ghost's design off of sketch done by Everett Peck. [3] Barlow did it in Australia during pre-production of Extreme Ghostbusters. However, due to standards and practices, the ghost's stomach tattoo 'Mom' had to removed from the original design. The Color Department colored the design in Los Angeles and Barlow disagreed with the direction it went in. [4]


Extreme Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Invasion

  • Biker ghosts appear as regular enemies.


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