The Binoculars are a basic piece of equipment used in the field by the Ghostbusters to observe entities in action before they actively engage them.


Egon Spengler used a pair during the Murray the Mantis incident one Thanksgiving to survey the entity from a building rooftop as it was lured into an ambush. Egon used a pair to survey the fortress in the Land of Lost Objects. The Ghostbusters used a pair during the Apshai incident to watch Enlarged Insects building something. Janine Melnitz continued to use the Binoculars to watch the insects and came to realize they were building the Temple of Apshai.

In November 1997, Egon Spengler used a pair to survey eight Ecto-Clones feasting on a radio tower. Peter Venkman and Garrett Miller used binoculars to observe S.I.D.N.E.E.

While the binoculars utilized by the Ghostbusters looked dramatically different than regular binoculars, no special functions in particular were ever specified.


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