Black Slime Behemoth is in Stylized versions of the video game instead of Imprisoned Juvenile Slor which was not included. For strategy on defeating him, go to Lost Island Rising Level (stylized version).


The Black Slime Behemoth is the boss of the Shandor Island level of the game. It is a giant, cyclopic tentacled monster that resides in the giant black slime pool in the middle of the Main Orrey room. By equipping your P.K.E. Enhanced Goggles, you can scan it for weak spots. There are three glowing nodes in its tentacles. Hit them all with Slime Mines and it is defeated. But beware! The Black Slime it spits at you is not only deadly, but it also spawns Black Slime Scuttlers. Dispatch them with Slime Mines.

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Category: Class 7 Negatively Charged Ectoplasmic Behemoth
  • Abilities: Melee Attack, Black Slime Shot

Tobin's Summary:Edit

When high levels of paranormal energy become concentrated in one area, peculiar things can occur. Occasionally this energy can take on an intelligence of its own and act of its own free will. I'm not certain if this is some form of spontaneous generation or if the intelligence is a formless one that's pulled across the ether into the material world. Either way, this form will take on the nature of the forces that summoned it, and will seek to preserve the source of the energy that brought it to consciousness.

Egon's Notes:Edit

The concentrated psychokinetic energy source in my most recent experience with this phenomenon was a massive well of Black Slime. When it reached the tipping point, a massive, writhing entity emerged and proved quite a challenge to disrupt. Our green slime streams were nigh useless against its dense shell of negatively charged ectoplasm, requiring us to launch lobules of destabilized ectoplasm directly into one of its mouths.

Ray's Tips:Edit

Holy smokes! Talk about your tall, dark, and ugly! When you've got this much Black Slime, you need heavy-duty green slime devices like the Slime Mine to make a dent. Even that may not be enough here, though, use the PKE Goggles to see if you can find weak points on this guy. Try to keep the fighting area clear of Black Slime pools; he can use those to create all sorts of Black Slime creatures.

Supplemental DataEdit

The art page can be found in Shandor's Island, during the "Multidimensional Fixer-Upper" section. It is hidden in a crate in the main Orrery chamber.