• Devilmanozzy

    Get to the point, read the blog "Global Navigation Update" by Rupert Giles, the Product Manager at Wikia.

    Tomorrow (December 3rd 2014), Wikia is going to change the navigation bar at this wiki (along with every other wiki) to a new bigger bar which doesn't scroll away. Does this suck... yeah. It ain't a deal breaker or anything, but it is a nice new eyesore they have added up there. The only positives seem to be a more clear search bar, and that the right side mini panel is a bit less congested (so a bit more of a advertisement can be seen). As far as how much space (pixels) we lose for viewing content... 20 pixel going down. So anyways, comments section is below... You know how to use it.

    "Update" (February 1st 2015)- seems that wikia change…

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  • RealSkippy

    Be sure to watch Baby Chick in her latest adventure: HALLOWEEN GHOSTBUSTER: Legend of Baby Chick. 

    Watch as she protects her home like a pro. She ain't afraid of no ghost, even as a toddler, she is in charge! Happy Halloween! 

    The special FX are epic! It's like watching a mini-movie! I mean seriously, this girl can ACT and she is only 2!


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  • Egon Eagle

    It's been a long time since the news for a Ghostbusters reboot with female Ghostbusters. This is a list for my request for the reboot:

    • Elina Spengler - America Ferrera
    • Petra Venkman - Kristen Johnston
    • Rebecka Stantz - Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    • Wiola Zeddemore - Regina King
    • Jeremy Melnitz - Breckin Meyer
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  • Paulus99

    Casper ghosts

    September 2, 2014 by Paulus99

    Could you explain me and said to me of what class level would Casper ghosts according to the classification?

    Just guessing, because Ray Stanz does a cameo in the film and he cant beat them so...?

    Can you answer me?

    Please, I would appreciate it.

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  • The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

    Who Is your Favorite Ghost? (Slimer, Me, Zuul, Gozer, Vigo, Vince Clartho, Samhain, the Subway Ghost, the Cinema Ghost, Elvis Presly, etc)

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  • Gekkou30

    Ok hello its been awhile since I've been here. Anyway you see my title of my blog.

    Gozer the Gozerian vs Vigo The Carpathian. Yeah who didn't see that coming? If the blog hasn't already been done the let me be the first. What do you think who would win? Post your comments below. Bye.

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  • Gekkou30

    Here's a question. Why didn't use the original storyline for the episode Knock Knock. I've read the original script for it. And I hate to say I enjoyed the original script than the final product. But I wished they stuck to the original script.

    Like the part when the door first opened. There was more than just Grinning Fireballs coming out of it. and near the end where they appeared at the door. There wasn't a giant glowing ball creating the spirits but they were already there when the door open.

    There are many other like when they entered the doorway. I can't remember what. Maybe you can tell me. But I want to know is why didn't they stick to the original script? Post comments below. Thank you.

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  • 11Morey

    Ok. Let's say the following fictional supernatural entities were encountered by the Ghostbusters. Based on the known classifications the team gives to supernatural entities, what would the following be most likely classified as:

    1. The Dark Presence (Alan Wake)

    2. Slenderman

    3. Jason Voorhees

    4. Freddy Krueger

    5. Pinhead (Hellraiser series)

    6. The Flying Dutchman Crew (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    7. Force Spirit (Star Wars)

    8. Nazi Zombies/Samantha Maxis (Call of Duty: Zombies storyline)

    9. Monsters from the Silent Hill video game series

    10. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)

    11. Pennywise (Stephen King's IT)

    Just want to get anyone's opinion.

    EDIT: I decided to add an additional four to the list. I don't know if objects with supernatural powers have a class…

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  • Chunkylefunga

    Hi I'm Chunkylefunga and this is my blog.

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  • Devilmanozzy

    Extremely Complete

    January 24, 2013 by Devilmanozzy

    Over the course of 2 months, Ghostbusters Wiki has had a major reworking and updating of the "Extreme Ghostbusters" section.

    Pretty much this was Mrmichaelt's baby the whole way. However, in addition I added some collages and updated the Extreme Ghostbusters credits article.

    The Total number of added EGB related articles was 182, but noting that there was almost a complete overhaul of all EGB articles, that had been previously made also. The articles were mostly characters, locations, and items. All articles had screen caps as well, and while there is no clear number of images added, it must have been way over 2000. All this was done by Mrmichaelt.

    There were 202 Collages/Edits were added as well as getting all 40 episodes of EGB credits type…

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