Blogger Chris Gethard was an blogger that hounded Erin in the 2016 movie.


Chris Gethard had chased down the Ghostbusters after the events at The Mercado where Rowan killed himself. Chris was asking rude questions of the Ghostbusters, but when he went straight for Erin and clearly knew her past and was making fun of her cause of it, she snapped. She had went at him while the other Ghostbusters tried to restrain her, but after that Chris said "They should put you back in therapy, you freak." for which Erin then punched him out.

Later, while at headquarters, Jillian was reading the New York Post, which had a cover of Erin delivering the blow. It also had hit the Television station Fox 5.


  • While the character is named after the actor playing him, the real Chris Gethard is not a blogger, per se. However, Chris has written a few books, including Weird NY, a book detailing the ghost stories and urban legends of New York City.
  • He is in the longform improvisation team The Stepfathers, an offshoot of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, along with Zach Woods.[1]



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