Blukenporken[1] is a town located in the country of Germany famed for a tourism-based economy centered around haunted castles.[2][3] It appears to be isolated as the first part of the journey is by train then the latter half by car through narrow winding roads.


The castles around Blukenporken were famously haunted by many ghosts so much so the villagers created a lucrative franchise around them. Tourists came from all around the world to see these ghosts in action. However, when they suddenly disappeared, Blukenporken suffered economic shocks. Desperate for resolution, the villagers hired the Ghostbusters to bring the ghosts back and find out who drove them away in the first place. The Ghostbusters eventually found the ghosts and gathered enough intelligence to determine Count Von Blukenporken was a vampire and sucking all the ghosts of their slime.[4] After the Ghostbusters dispersed the Count and restored the ghosts to normal, a huge celebration was held in Blukenporken.

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