Not to be confused with Bone Dragon from Extreme Ghostbusters

The Bone Dragon[1] is a serpentine ghost with skeletal and draconian features. It is a parallel version of the Bone Dragon from Dimension 68-E.


At some point, the Ghostbusters captured the Bone Dragon. It was one of the ghosts freed from the Containment Unit when it was breached by the Remote Access Teleportation Unit and teleported to another dimension. A field team consisting of Mike the Golem and Robo-Buster from Dimension 68-V and the Ghostbusters of Dimension 35-N tracked down the Bone Dragon to a location resembling Chinatown in a parallel dimension. They easily wrangled the ghost. On Mike's call, Robo-Buster deployed a Trap-Gate from its chest. It reported the ghost was transferred to the Containment Unit and 20 percent of the missing psychokinetic energy was returned but they ran out of charged Trap-Gates.

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  1. dannyschoening Tweet 5/11/18Dan Schoening says: "It's not the XGB version, but one from a similar dimension."