The Boogieman's Minions are a group of ghosts who aided the Boogieman in enacting his revenge on the Ghostbusters.


Once the Boogieman captured the Ghostbusters at the Big Apple Amusement Park, he transported them to an even more twisted realm and another. A horde of minions then chased the Ghostbusters until they came upon a giant doorway. The Boogieman appeared and restrained them to it. He and his minions then proceeded to scare the Ghostbusters to death and grew stronger. Luckily, Slimer and the Junior Ghostbusters arrived with the Ghostbusters' equipment. While Egon Spengler blasted the Boogieman and converted him into a ghost, the Junior Ghostbusters threw out three Traps and captured the minions and their master.


Like the Boogieman, these minions also feed on human's fear and changed in appearance and size.


  • One of the minions resembled Wat.


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